A natural way to lose weight …

Drinking smoothies and smoothies makes our stomach rest, as these require less digestive processing in our stomach. Consuming smoothies and shakes helps the body have more resources to help with the detoxification process, and to help with the elimination of toxins that accumulate in our body, turning into fat and other waste.

These drinks are a delicious way to periodically detoxify the body. The best way to enhance the benefits of its consumption is by ingesting it on an empty stomach. Among those benefits is its diuretic power that decreases fluid retention, fat removal, weight loss, speeds up metabolism, and many more. In addition, they give you energy, give you a feeling of satiety, and many help you to have a better texture on your skin.

Check out some options you can try:

1. Strawberry smoothie – IdealShake:

Smoothie shake that works as a meal replacement. It contains only 100-110 calories and 2 g or less of sugar. This proprietary formula blocks hunger, and with its 11-12 g of high-quality whey protein, it helps control hunger and cravings for up to 3 hours.

By replacing one or two meals a day with a nutritious and complete IdealShake, you will accelerate your weight loss. In addition to feeling more satisfied between meals, it will nourish your body with whey protein, fiber and between 20 and 21 vitamins and minerals. These dessert shakes will make you feel like you’re cheating on your diet, even though you’re actually eating SUPER healthy.

2. Smoothie Take off detoxifier:

Get results in just two days. TakeOff Juice is a completely natural diet aid designed to help fuel your weight loss efforts and help you burn off that nasty fat fast. Combined with the 2-day KickStart plan, it is a quick, easy, and delicious way to rejuvenate your body, helping you prepare for maximum weight loss. Contains 100% juice (pineapple, apple, orange, grape juice, apricot, peach and banana).

It also includes TakeOff Cleanse’s 2-day weight loss start guide. This information guide contains all the details you need for the two-day cleaning plus tips, recipes and more. For best results, use it in conjunction with the diet and weight loss exercise program included. Always consult a doctor before beginning any weight loss program. The individual results can change.

3. Smoothies Super Detox Me vegans:

They are juices made with 100% fresh fruits and vegetables, all made from plants so they are completely vegan. These juices are gluten-free and contain no added sugars or syrups. The package has 8 juices for a full day of detox. They contain 1050 calories in total.

Although detox is very regenerative, if you appear to have heart disease, eating disorders, stomach problems or diabetes, I do not recommend that you drink them as they can be very aggressive. If you do not have these problems and are looking for good quality juices at an affordable price, these are the best you will find.

4. Sunfood Blend Superfood Smoothie:

There is no need to drink bad tasting shakes in order to lose weight. This protein powder It is packed with nutrients, and comes with a rich fruit flavor.

Sprouted brown rice protein and chia seed powder are a natural source of highly absorbable protein. Cacao, Maqui, Açaí, Camu Camu and Goji Berry powders add a rich flavor and make this blend an excellent source of iron and vitamin C. Lucuma, vanilla and banana powder add fiber to this blend. An added benefit it has is that it adds an energy boost to your day.

5. BodyBrite Superfood:

Organic powder for smoothies Composed of Alfalfa Leaf, Wheat, Barley, Broccoli, Beet, Acai, Maca, Mangos and Papaya. It can be diluted in water and mixed with fruit.

This green supplement can relieve stress, provide energy, contribute to weight loss and improve digestion. Ideal for the elderly. You find it in Amazon for less than $ 30.