A device that could save your life.

The people that have heart conditions they know how important it is to keep the heart rate at all times. Being able to detect an anomaly in time could be the difference to keep the Health of all our organism. However, the heart rate monitoring devices have always been large, cumbersome, and inaccessible. But that is already behind us, and we show you with the electronics devices which we recommend below:

1. Letscom: Smart watch and heart monitor

It is a smart watch of activity tracking with step counter, calorie counter, pedometer and with heart rate monitor.

You may sync it easily to your device Android or iOS to be able to take control of all your physical activity. It is waterproof and due to its modern design you can always take it with you.

2. Monitor Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth / ANT +

It is an electronic band that adjusts to your chest and can control in real time your heart rate, calories burned and all the information about your physical activity. It works with Bluetooth connection and is compatible with Android Y iOS.

You may wear it under your clothes at any time of the day and nobody will notice it, while you are receiving on your cell phone or electronic device all the information about your cardiac activity to keep your health always monitored.

3. Heart rate sensor Polar

It has a built-in storage memory in which it stores all the information of your physical activity. With a 400 hour battery of operation, you can be sure that your control will never be interrupted.

It is ideal for practice sports or any activity where you need to have your arms free. It is available in black, gray, orange and turquoise.

4. Bracelet Scosche

It is a bracelet with heart rate monitor and Bluetooth connection. Works with the most popular Android fitness apps and iOS And it features an adjustable and breathable band.

Has a 8 hour battery life With which you can keep track of all your exercise routines or the activities of your daily life, and thus be able to ensure your health.

5. Monitor Polar FTI

It is a smart watch with backlight, date indicator and day of the week. It is waterproof It also features heart rate and rhythm measurement, and visual and audible alarms.

You can use it at all times of the day as a practical tool to keep control of your cardiac activity. With a sporty and casual style, you can combine it with any outfit.