A modern alternative to display your favorite photos.

The Photographs they are the perfect way of preserving the most important moments of our life over time; that is why we usually save boxes full of them or accumulate them in folders on our computer, without being able to appreciate them frequently. If you are one of those who enjoy remembering the good times watching your favorite picturesthese digital photo frames They are an excellent option to have in your home and remember those happy and precious experiences.

1. Digital photo frame 7 inch

With a presentation in 7 inch HD screen, It is high resolution and features excellent quality images with a 16: 9 aspect ratio and wide 180 degree viewing angle.

The digital frame supports playback of images, videos and music, and features multiple functions including clock, calendar, auto on / off timer, image display, and more.

2. Frame with motion sensor

East frame with motion sensor It has a 10.1 inch 1024 × 600 high resolution IPS screen. Its MRQ digital frame presents excellent sharp images with a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees.

This beautiful frame you can place it on the wall of your house and due to its motion sensor it is not necessary to turn it on manually. It will automatically turn on or off when you enter or leave the room.

3. Digital photo frame 8 inch

This screen is 8-inch HD High resolution 1024 × 768. Its digital frame presents excellent quality images with a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees. Sound is no longer limited to playing videos, so you can save your favorite songs as background music for your photos.

The framework of MRQ digital photos have USB, SD and 3.5mm headphone slot. The device supports USB drive and SD card up to 32G.

4. Digital photo frame with classic frame

This touch screen unit allows you place on your LCD screen the best images from your photographs. Its resolution is 800 × 600 and its frame has been made of high-quality wood with easy-to-use controls and adjustable in orientation.

Photo slideshow mode will automatically start once the frame is turned on. It supports various image formats as most file formats are automatically recognized.

5. Digital Frame with WiFi

This digital frame allows the reception of photo by email receiving them in seconds. It is easy and quick to configure. The screen has a 10-inch extension with a resolution of 1280 × 800.

With this beautiful digital frame you can share all your photos at home with family and friends, reliving those important moments whenever you want, and if you are at a party you can share almost instantly the photos that are being taken.