A practical and safe way to always carry your furry friend with you.

Our pets They are part of our family, and that is why we always seek to give them the best experiences and amenities so that they are always happy. When we go on a trip or ride in the car, it is important to have the necessary implements to carry our dog with us in a safe way for them and for the family. That is why this time we show you the best dog seats that you can have in your car and thus take your pet with you always.

1. Puppy car seat with safety strap

East dog seat It has been designed with two PVC support bars that block and maintain the shape of the seat. It has a very soft and fluffy lining that makes it comfortable, and a safety strap to protect your pet.

It is easy to install in the front or rear seat and quickly removes too. It is suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets weighing less than 11 pounds.

2. Car seat for pets

It has been made with robust PVC bars that secure your pet in the seat. It has a safety belt to avoid abrupt movements. It comes with a dog blanket that makes the space more comfortable.

It is easy to install and has a mesh design that allows air circulation and also gives you visibility on the position of your pet.

3. Booster seat for dogs or cats

This model hangs from the seat front or rear of the car. It has in its design a pocket to store items from your dogs. It has been made with waterproof fabric and a lining with removable pads.

With this seat you will take your pet safely and also super comfortable. It comes in black and blue colors, easy to install and take down.

4. Pet seat small and medium

This seat has been thought for have a full view of your pet. Its material is Oxford that protects the seat from pet lint, mud and water. It has a zipper and a front compartment to store sweets or toys.

It is suitable for pets like dogs and cats weighing less than 120 pounds, with adjustable straps that install easily on any car.

5. Seat with metal frame and plush cover

This dog seat Quickly docks and secure with a leash around the base and a headrest that keeps your dog secure and anchored. It has a metal frame and the fabric is easily removable for washing.

The size of this seat is ideal for dogs and cats, which will allow you to move around having them safely with your family.