A simple but effective accessory to relieve the discomfort of hemorrhoids.

The large intestine or the colon is a wide tube that is about 1.5 meters long. It is characterized by being the last organisms to absorb the minerals and nutrients from food that are useful for our body and it deposits solid or liquid waste called feces to be expelled through the rectum and anus.

The rectum covers the last 20 centimeters of the large intestine, it is endowed with muscles and veins located in its walls that are made up of valves that have the function of preventing the continuous flow of blood. Veins are usually found inside the intestines, but when they become inflamed or dilated due to great effort, an abnormal alteration (increases their size) occurs in the vascular plexuses. Involuntarily it begins to move to the outside of the anal canal, causing severe pain and bleeding. These dilated veins are known as hemorrhoids or piles and aims to help the body cushion the anal canal and maintain stool withdrawal.

The hemorrhoids They are accompanied by various uncomfortable symptoms such as bleeding when defecating, itching and irritation around the anus, pain or discomfort, inflammation of the anus, and the creation of a lump near the anus that can be very sensitive to pain. But these symptoms depend on their location, since there are different types of hemorrhoids; the internal ones that are located inside the rectum, the external ones that are under the skin or around the anus, and the thrombosates occur where blood can accumulate in an external hemorrhoid and form clots.

It is a very common disorder that generally occurs in the adult population approximately between 45 and 60 years of age; However, during pregnancy women also suffer it at the time of gestation due to the great effort they make. It is estimated that 2 out of 3 people may suffer from this disorder at some point in their life. In order to diagnose this phenomenon, a doctor with the help of special devices must carry out a complete examination of the anus. Some hemorrhoids depending on their size, they must be treated with surgical procedures or use lasers. But if this problem is not dealt with in time, it can have serious health consequences, such as anemia or hemorrhoidal strangulation.

Most of the symptoms of hemorrhoids They are corrected without treatment, with only a balanced diet based on fiber, drinking plenty of fluids, not exerting much effort, exercising, consuming laxatives, avoiding spending long hours sitting down and avoiding refraining from evacuating when you have the need. You can also use it as a prevention method to avoid suffering from this uncomfortable problem.

Different treatment methods have currently been developed. The pads They are one of them, since they help you to alleviate each one of the symptoms and even when using it, it will improve posture and decrease coccyx pain and pelvic discomfort produced during pregnancy. There are a variety of sizes and designs, and this time we will show you some doctor-recommended donut pads so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and provides support during this difficult period.

1. Ergonomic Innovations: thread type pad

This is a pad has a soft texture pleasant to the touch. It has been created with non-slip materials that provide comfort and safety when using it. It has a cover with a zipper that is very easy to wash and prevent the growth of mites or germs that are harmful to your health.

Unlike other common pads, this one will guarantee comfort and immediate relief that your body will appreciate. Too reduces annoying pain on the back so it can be a great support to use it in your seat while you work.

2. Bonmedico: orthopedic pad with mixed surface

This donut shaped pad has been created to support up to 175 pounds. Count with one Gel and memory foam paddingNon-slip and breathable materials.

It stands out for its firmness and its great lumbar support that helps you promote blood circulation and relieve back pain. It can also be used by people who suffer from hemorrhoids and need to sit for a long time.

Its size is very practical, you can use it in different places and adapt to different body types easily. Includes a cover to take it with you in the seat of your car or work. It guarantees you immediate relief so that you have a more relaxed and carefree life.

3. Kieba: laptop pad with case

This pad has been created with high quality materials. It contains a dense foam inside that will not deflate and gives you better stability. Its outer layer is made of non-slip velvet and its design is very ergonomic, so the experience when using it will be very comfortable. Includes a carrying case.

You can last long hours sitting and you will not suffer from any annoying pain. Fits any chair regardless of size. People who have used it claim that it gives a very comfortable experience and can be a great support after childbirth.

4. Brovino: comfortable seat pad

It is a pad specially designed for relieve different types of pain. Allows the distribution of body weight. It is made of memory foam to improve posture and align the spine.

With this pad you will have a life without so much pain and suffering. It will also help you to stay much longer sitting and avoid inflammation of hemorrhoids. You will feel immediate relief and also will decrease back pain, postpartum and post operative.

5. Aylio: leather and velvet pillow

This is a very comfortable pillow with a very modern design. Contains a high-quality memory foam padding. He is able to support up to 215 pounds and distributes the weight evenly.

With this pillow you will experience a very comfortable feeling. It will relieve pressure so your body You will not experience pain while sitting.