Do you want to control your locks with your voice and know exactly what happens at your door at all hours? With smart locks, you can control the door of your house through the cell phone or Alexa and thus keep your family safe. These smart locks are ideal for people who want to make their home more technological and also allow you to see the movements of your door from your cell phone, no matter where you are.

With Alexa, you can easily lock or open doors from anywhere in the home. For example, when you go to sleep you can confirm that you have closed your door without having to get out of bed. In addition, you can open your door if you are waiting for visits and you are busy, by first establishing a password that, together with voice recognition, makes Alexa control your locks.

1. August Home ASL-03

One of the best-selling brands within the smart lock options, with this august home model You get the door lock together with the Wi-Fi connection device to control it from your cell phone or with Alexa. Through its application, you can open or close your door without having to carry an extra key and also view the history to see the entrances or exits of other family members. Furthermore, with technology bluetooth you can activate the automatic opening or closing option when you get closer to or away from your door, ideal for when your hands are busy or you’re in a hurry. In addition to technology bluetoothIt is compatible with Apple HomeKit and Z-Wave Plus.

This smart lock has the best assessment, with 4.2 stars in Amazon. Customers claim that it is a product with a good design and quality, very easy to install. Some clients found problems in the connection between the cell phone and the Wi-Fi device, especially users Android. However, they also mention that if you have a good internet connection and install this device as recommended, it should work perfectly. In addition to being compatible with Alexa, you can also control this device with the assistant of Google and Siri.

2. August Home ASL-02

August Smart Lock (HomeKit Enabled Dark Gray)

This model of August Home It has the same functionalities as the previous one, allowing you control your door from the app or Alexa. You can view the history of entries and exits, program the automatic opening or closing with bluetooth and give temporary access to guests. This device is installed inside your door and you can continue using your key as a complement if it makes you feel more secure.

This smart lock is prior to the first model, since it is the second generation of August Home and is reflected in the price starting at $ 150 but the Wi-Fi connection device must be purchased separately to control it via the app when you are not at home. In Amazon, customers claim that it is a highly functional device, but that it does not send a warning about the low battery level, something that would be very useful to program the change of these.

3. August Home AUG-SL04

From the August Home brand, this lock can also control your door from the app or Alexa. It has a simpler and more mechanical design, which allows you to see when the door opens or closes. It is also compatible with automatic opening or closing by bluetooth On your cellph Unlike the other August Home models, this lock can only be controlled via Wi-Fi or bluetooth, and not Apple HomeKit or Z-Wave.

Is about the cheapest lock on the list, priced not to exceed $ 100 Thanks to its current discount, but the Wi-Fi connection device must be purchased separately to work with the cell phone and Alexa, with the total price being approximately $ 160. Like the other August Home models, this smart lock is easy to install and fits on the inside of the door. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a product with good design and functionality, but they found problems in the use of automatic closing or opening with certain cell phone models, although some mention that this has been solved in the latest version of their application.

4. Schlage BE469NX

The Schlage lock has a more classic design and has two accessories: one to place on the outside of the door and one on the inside. For the exterior, the accessory has an individual lock and a touch screen that allows you to access it through a personal 4-digit code, so that each member of the family has their own. Inside, a manual lock and built-in alarm keep your door closed tight. This lock also detects vibrations or strange movements in the door, which trigger the alarm. It can be controlled through the application or Alexa, to open or close your door and has Z-Wave technology.

With more than 3,400 reviews in Amazon, this Schlage model is the best-selling guide and is priced under $ 150 for your current discount. As an extra security, this lock also includes a key, so you do not stay away from home. Also, you can set up temporary access for different people when you are on vacation, for example, and then delete that code. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a high quality and functional device, but you should be careful in wet spaces as it can affect the performance of the battery. They also emphasize that the screen does not leave traces of the fingers when playing the keys and that it resists very well the passage of time.

5. Schlage Z-Wave

From the same brand as the previous model, this Schlage device has 4 accessories They are installed inside and outside the door to ensure greater security. On the outside, a large button handle allows you to comfortably open the door after entering your 4-digit code. And inside, a lock that locks automatically or manually and a classic handle let you get out. In addition to opening your door with the code, this lock includes a key. It is compatible with Alexa and can also be controlled through its application, thanks to the built-in Z-Wave technology.

Despite being the most expensive model on the list, priced at a little over $ 300, this Schlage accessory is very complete, offering a matching lock and handle for your door. Customers in Amazon They claim that it is a very durable device, but that the brand also offers a lifetime warranty on the structural parts and a 1-year warranty on the electrical operation of the device.