A dream Catcher It is an amulet that provides protection and drives away evil spirits while we rest. Their web is believed to catch nightmares so that by daylight they burn with sunlight. It is usually hung on the ceiling above the bed, while others use it as a decorative object to attract good energies. Here we show you different dream catchers to ward off bad energies and guarantee a restful night without frights.

1. Dreamcatcher with led lights

This dream catcher is handmade with beautiful feathers. It is characterized by having LED lights that illuminate the room at night. In the middle it has a small moon charm that represents the illumination and perpetual renewal.

You will have an optimal rest and no nightmares while you sleep at night. It will keep away evil spirits and complement your bedroom decor.

2. Pendant big size for wall

Its neutral colors and bohemian style give it a warm and full of good energies in any room. It has been made by hand with a metal ring and delicate cotton feathers.

It is a larger amulet than other designs, perfect for use as a decorative wall piece. If you are looking to bad spirits and feel safe while you sleep.

3. Dreamcatcher with tree 7 chakras

This is a dream catcher that not only drives away evil spirits and nightmares, but also features precious stones they attract balance, fortune, love and increase spiritual connection.

It will help you focus while you meditate and feel more full of positive energies. Its range of earth colors combine perfectly with the decor from any room.

4. Dreamcatcher 3 different colors

If you are looking for a dream catcher that can adapt to any type of decoration and that has a different design, this is an excellent option for you.

It is a magnificent decorative piece that has a perfectly designed mandala inside. It will attract good energies and you can place it in any space in your home or office.

5. 5-ring design and natural feathers

This is a dream catcher that perfectly combines the colors blue, green and black. Each ring has small stones inside that make it look very elegant. Its size is suitable to hang from the ceiling or on the wall.

It will catch the bad dreams that overwhelm you at night while you provides protection additional so you sleep peacefully. It can also be a perfect gift for that person that means a lot to you.