You will no longer have to jump or balance to put your shoes on.

Every clothing lover dreams of having a huge and tidy dressing room where to put all your clothes and shoes, and always have them at your disposal. An important element of the dressing rooms are the banks, since they allow you to put on and take off your shoes comfortably and calmly. So if you’re in the process of building your dream walk-in closet, take a look at these bench options and pick the best one for you:

1. Synthetic leather bench with storage shelf

This shelf has been made with synthetic leather and upholstery with wire plus support-resistant steel legs. It is easy to place in any space of the home that you like. It has foam pads to sit on and put your shoes on.

It is a very nice design and practical that you can place in any space of your house, since it gives a classic and elegant detail that will look good with any decoration.

2. Shelf industrial style

This shelf has been made with a sturdy iron frameIt is of remarkable durability and high load capacity of up to 6.6 lbs. on hooks and shelf up to 176 lbs. It has boards and a hat and coat holder with 7 sturdy hooks.

It is industrial and robust style, that in any part of your house it will be beautiful for you to fit your shoes and you can also hang hats or coats.

3. Bamboo bench with padded seat

This cute shoemaker it is comfortable and soft because it has a cushion. It has been designed with a padded seat surface, upholstered in navy blue fabric and a slit button. Its elaboration is made of natural bamboo, so it will be durable.

This shoemaker you can use it in your bedroom or any room in your house. It can be in the entrance hall to place them as soon as you enter and leave other items that you bring home.

4. Dressing bench with storage space

This MDF wood design comes with two levels to put short shoesIt has a hidden compartment to store flat sandals, flip flops, socks, keys or other personal items.

Because it is small it represents a very practical option and ideal for people who live al It has a small cotton seat cushion for comfort.

5. Storage bench with doors

This bank of shoe storage Create a neat and cozy entryway into the home. This modern and classic shoe storage bench has shutter doors and has been made with resistant materials.

It has a seat made with removable cover It is washable, and has a load capacity of up to 330 pounds.