The guarantee you were looking for for a good night’s sleep.

The plugs For the ears are tools designed to block any kind of annoying noises that can disturb or distract you. They are pieces made with a wide variety of materials, sizes and designs that allow you to have the long-awaited silence you need to work and sleep. Below you will find five options that will help you spend a quiet night.

1. Noise blockers with micropores

They are ear plugs made of soft foam with micropores that completely isolate the sound. They have a design that guarantees a fit slim and lightweight which is suitable to protect and cover the ear canal. Package includes an aluminum carrying case.

Contains 60 pairs of sunscreen that you can use to create a calm environment while you work, study or sleep. They are a good option to make any space a quiet place.

2. Plugs with foam release

They are earplugs made with ultra-soft slow-release foam that provide total comfort on contact with the skin. The package contains 50 pairs of caps disposable.

They are able to protect your ears from up to 32 decibels of noise, which is ideal for you to use when you are at sports events, concerts or near spaces where they are doing renovations.

3. Compact design made with foam expansible

These earplugs are made with expandable foam that have an ergonomic shape and hollowed out they adapt easily to the ear canal. The embace has 50 pairs of caps.

These ear protectors help to reduce considerably the noises external to ensure that you achieve a complete sleep cycle without being interrupted.

4. Protectors for ears foam and silicone

They are reusable ear plugs that are designed with a mixture of foam and siliconeComfortable materials that adapt easily to the ear canal and protect it from any kind of annoying noise. The package includes 40 pairs.

You can comfortably use them to sleep, work, study or attend a sporting event. These plugs include a carrying case that allows you to have them at your fingertips no matter where you are.

5. Set of plugs silicone

It is a set of ear plugs for hearing protection made with soft silicone that is not aggressive with the skin. Its ergonomic design with two layers of sealing is perfect to be used by children and adults, and its design allows you to reduce up to 32 decibels from the surroundings.

They manage to create a protective noise barrier that will allow you to achieve that restful sleep that you long for. However, its particular shape allows you to keep an eye on certain noises such as the alarm clock, the baby crying and the doorbell. They are totally pieces reusable that will last a long time at your side.