Take care of the planet it is a responsibility that each person must assume for the common purpose of protecting and preserving our home in the universe. Many movements have risen in all nations with the aim of creating awareness in the population and promote good practices to help Mother Earth, and on this occasion we also join this noble and necessary cause, and we recommend the best ecological and reusable products that you can start using right now to put your grain of sand and make a difference.

1. Reusable straws stainless steel

This presentation is from metal and stainless steelCompatible with 12 and 40 ounce cups and can be stored wherever you want. With them you can have hot or cold drinks and its interior can be cleaned.

These Vantic straws are reusable replacing the plastic and paper one, which would reduce pollution in the seas and contribute to the conservation of marine life.

2. Makeup remover pads reusable

This pack of 10 makeup remover pads they are made from bamboo and organic cotton. It comes with two pieces of microfiber facial cleansing gloves plus a reusable laundry bag. Each pad measures 8 centimeters and the gloves 10 centimeters.

These organic makeup remover pads and cleaning gloves can be washed and reused hundreds of times, saving money and reducing landfill waste.

3. Market bags reusable

These bags friendly to the environment they are square in shape and fold flat for storage in a pocket. They are made of lightweight, highly tear-resistant polyester fabric.

They are certainly the option perfect for shopping and comfortably bring your items while taking care of your natural environment.

4. Set of bamboo cookware

This bamboo cutlery set are stain resistant and heat so they do not emit any flavor. Eleven pieces come in their case to store and carry wherever you want.

These cutlery are friendly to the environment for being ecological and biodegradable, and they will facilitate your passage through the kitchen.

5. Water bottle ecological

Made of wheat plastic, BPA free and biodegradable. It is also easy to transport and have a nice design It comes in colors similar to Mother Earth and a hole where you can hold it.

Totally friendly to the environment, this water bottle will keep you highly hydrated while you are responsible as a human being to take care of your environment.