The electric blankets They are devices that work by means of an electrical resistance located inside that, when connected to an energy source, allows them to generate heat that you can control by means of a I send. These are used to instantly relieve stiffness, tension, cramps, and joint or muscle pain.

Its characteristic functions are usually based on a system of 3 levels of heat, in a built-in overheat resistance and in an automatic shutdown system that guarantees a more efficient use insurance and reliable at every opportunity that is used. Furthermore, these devices are normally covered by a double-sided lining to provide a more flexible and soft quality while remaining in contact with the skin.

Best of all, each device comes with a built-in system that allows you to control the temperature With a heat range of between 20 and 40 degrees, this gives you the opportunity to adjust the blanket according to your level of pain, resistance of your skin to heat or the therapy you want to apply on the joint injured. To use it efficiently you only have to place it on the legs, waist, spine or shoulders so that the heat makes the blood circulate to the affected area and oxygenate more quickly. This effect that the localized heat generates in the body allows to alleviate the discomfort or pain in a more efficient way and in a considerable amount of time.

There is no doubt that it is a method effective to progressively eliminate any type of tension in the muscles, especially if they occur as a result of physical efforts, the poor posture you adopt when sleeping or if you suffer from joint problems as a medical consequence of certain diseases such as arthritis. Many of these devices also turn out to be very useful to make your feet warm, a very necessary requirement, especially during the nights of winter which is when you can have more trouble falling asleep.

And so you can safely alleviate all these discomforts with the use of these blankets, here are some of the best options you can use from home.

1. Thermal blanket with technology UltraHeat

It is a heating pad with UltraHeat technology that is designed to provide you with heat therapy that helps increase blood flow, relax muscles and decrease pain in the joints and lower back areas. This design includes a removable lining, a sponge in case you are looking to use it to apply humid heat and a nine foot cable so you can be comfortable while using it.

For you to start using it you just need to plug it into the closest electrical power source, then with the remote control choose between one temperature high, medium and low to treat any discomfort or pain. In this way the resistance will begin to emit heat, the tool is equipped with a safety system that is activated after 2 consecutive hours of use, it is responsible for automatically paying the pad to prevent overheating or short circuits. In addition, it has a versatile design that allows you to take it with you wherever you want and you can use it comfortably at work, at home or while you are traveling.

2. Pad with removable lining

This electric blanket has dimensions of 12 by 14 inches, an ideal size to perform heat treatments on sore muscles such as the legs, back, neck and shoulders, allowing you to eliminate discomfort in a matter of weeks. Its design includes a lining of microfiber It is soft to the touch and can be machine washed.

It is a thermal pad that provides you with heat therapy dry or wetThe latter is recommended because it penetrates the affected areas and alleviates ailments in a very short time. You also have the option of using the remote to adjust the heat according to your temperature preferences and comfort level.

3. Thermal blanket extra big

It is an extra large thermal blanket that has measurements of 12 by 24 inches, a perfect size so you can use it on aching joints and muscles. It also has a lining designed with microfleece on one side and SoftTouch on the other to provide you with optimal and soft heat on contact with the skin. Includes controller with integrated LED light.

This blanket comes with ThermoFine technology and has 4 custom settings that ensure consistent heat to help you speed up pain relief or any muscle discomfort by promoting blood flow and restoring nutrients in the affected areas.

4. Heat treatment with microfleece

It is an electric blanket that has 3 levels of hot And it comes in a 12 by 24 inch size, so you can comfortably adapt it to different parts of your body. You can also choose between a dry or wet heat therapy so that you achieve positive results in a short time. Includes a cover made with a microfleece fabric that is soft to the skin.

Provides you with a complete thermal envelope that reduces cramps and inflammation over the affected area. You just have to place it on the area where you have pain such as legs, shoulders, neck or back; then let it act for a few minutes so that the heat penetrates and gradually eliminates the discomfort. Best of all, you can use it comfortably while traveling, camping or going to the gym thanks to its transport bag that keeps it protected.

5. Blanket with hypoallergenic lining

It is a 20 by 24 inch electric blanket which is designed with 6 heat settings covering a temperature range between 95 and 158ºF, which you can choose according to the intensity or severity of the muscular pain that you have. It also has automatic shutdown to prevent overheating after 3 hours of use. It comes with a removable soft and hypoallergenic fabric lining, a control unit and a traveler bag.

This model of thermal blanket also offers you the opportunity to choose between dry heat if you want to enjoy sauna-type therapy, or humid heat if you want to relax your muscles and relieve pain more quickly. You do this because heat penetrates the affected areas of your body and gives you almost instant relief, especially if you suffer from arthritis or other joint discomfort. Although, it also improves blood flow which is perfect for treating cramps, tension or stiffness in the musculature.