A utensil that should be in the kitchen.

The electric jugs They are utensils that have been designed to streamline much of the food preparation processes. They are lightweight, practical and versatile tools that can perform very well even in kitchens of reduced space. If you love to prepare coffee or teas at any time of the day, pay attention to the following electric jugs that will be of great help in your kitchen.

1. kettle wireless

It is a cordless kettle with a power that makes it 85% more efficient than a traditional stove. It has an integral protection system with automatic shutdown and an indicator with LED light. It is also equipped with a comfortable handle and fill indicators.

This tool is the one you were looking for to facilitate your activities in the kitchen, this is because it integrates a series of factors that will guarantee you security, flexibility and a very practical use.

2. Teapot 1.7 liter electric

It is an electric kettle for boiling water that has a capacity of 1.7 liters. It is equipped with a led light inside which is made of high quality and resistance glass. It also has an auto power off system that makes it much safer to use.

This electric kettle is of high quality and resistance, this guarantees you a lot of durability and security when using it inside your kitchen. You will have an appliance that will greatly facilitate your work in the kitchen.

3. Jug for boiling water black color

It is a black electric kettle made of stainless steel with a perfect and efficient design to heat any liquid. It has about 12 cycles that guarantee a great variety of uses and versatility within your kitchen.

This product is free of chemical coatings that can be harmful to health, so you can use it without concern. Its compact shape makes it very useful for heating water while indoors and outdoors.

4. Water heater electric

A 1.5 liter electric water heater with stainless steel finishes and technology dry protection. It has a completely wireless design, automatic shutdown as well as fill indicators with LED lights and a touch cover.

With this electric heater you can be sure that in a few seconds you will have Hot water in a safe and efficient way. Its stainless steel membrane is perfect to prevent stain, splashes and corrosion.

5. Kettle free BPA

A BPA free kettle that is free of stainless steel, has a rotating base of 360 degree, a transparent meter and elegant high quality finishes. It also integrates a security system that makes it turn off automatically once the water has reached its boiling point.

This electric kettle is easy to carry and use as it is made of resistant materials and designed in a way that prevents accidents in the kitchen. Another aspect to highlight is that it can be adapted to left or right handed people.