The equipment you need to stay in shape without leaving home.

If you are a person with a very limited time and your goals include having a healthier life and starting a daily routine of exercisesIt has been scientifically proven that just 45 minutes a day is enough to get in shape. If you propose it with effort and discipline you can achieve it. Also exist equipment They have been created to help you create training routines within your own home, and here are some options for this:

1. Bands for tone muscles

This is a training set that includes 2 padded handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps and a commuter bag. The bands have been created with a fiber reinforced polymer super tough and nylon straps.

You can tone all the muscles in your body without going to a gym. It has different resistance levels that will support you as you progress. You can do multiple workouts and without fear of them breaking.

2. Wheel to mark the abdomen

A roller that has a stainless steel wheel coated with non-slip rubber that makes it easier to stick to the ground. This tool has a foam handle which provides a more solid and comfortable grip.

The best support you can have when doing sit-ups. Its constant use helps tone the muscles and improve your resistance. You can get a more sculpted figure in no time.

3. Trampoline for increase your resistance

This trampoline is 36 inches in size, features steel frames and a high-strength surface that is capable of supporting a weight of up to 250 pounds.

Jumping on this mini trampoline will give you a routine of full workout It stimulates the lymphatic system, oxygenates the cells and eliminates toxins accumulated in your body. You can do an exercise routine accompanied with your favorite music so you can have a good time while you exercise.

4. Equipment to improve your balance and coordination

It is an exercise ball created with safe and resistant materials. It has a special surface that prevents it from slipping while you train. It includes resistance leagues and an air pump so you can quickly inflate it.

It will help you tone and strengthen the muscle tone of the abdomen, legs and back. In addition, this sphere is perfect for practices such as yoga, pilates, squats and physical therapy exercises.

5. Mini bike to burn calories and fat

This is a portable mini bicycle that allows you to perform resistance and cardio exercises in any space in your house. It has different levels to give you a more complete workout. This machine is versatile and light, so it adapts to any type of room.

Cardio is one of the most important and necessary exercises if you want to burn fat and eliminate calories. Although it may not seem like it, this little bike will help you make a cardio session Complete to speed up blood circulation and strengthen your lungs.