The prevention It is an important method that we must always keep in mind for any dangerous situation that may arise in our lives. In this way, we learn to resolve extraordinary moments effectively and protecting our lives. That is why this time we present 5 tools to take into account when a emergency and that they are indispensable when an accident occurs in car.

1. Traffic cone folding

This set of cones measure each 15.5 inches tall and due to their elaboration they allow folding for easy storage.

It is visible up to a distance of 800 feet and you can use it when you have problems with your car on roads where traffic is heavy and so prevent accidents.

2. Electric booster cables for battery

These 12 foot long 10 gauge cables fit the top and rear side batteries. Is it so made of aluminum and copper clad. The cables are low temperature resistance.

Comes with a transparent bag good quality for free. These cables will make your life easier when your car needs to recharge the battery to continue on the road.

3. Suspension jack low profile

Made to withstand up to 2 tons of weight and extra low profile to give greater access. It has a 3-1 elevation range and is gray in color.

This patented device protects against over-pumping to have safe operations and when carrying it, you will get a long-lasting tool.

4. Fire extinguisher compact size

This fire extinguisher has a durable head to meet the most demanding needs on the market. It is made of corrosion resistant metal. Has a metal pin with security seal to prevent accidental discharge.

It is easy to manipulate because it has colors that accommodate easy reading, it comes with stand and a strap. It is waterproof so you can use it in even wetter settings.

5. Air compressor laptop

This portable air pump can inflate tires of all sizes in less than 5 minutes. The maximum pressure is 100 psi, and its design is compact and highly resistant.

Made of plastic This portable air pump can pass various safety tests with high speed cooling to ensure its usefulness.