Daily our skin It is exposed to all kinds of elements that can dry it out, irritate it and, in the most extreme cases, inflame it. It is for this reason that having products to hydrate the skin and restore its vitality is so important. A moisturizing spray it is a practical way to keep your skin healthier, fresher and also leave it with a delicious aroma; and that is why here we recommend some of the best.

1. Formula with water of roses and aloe vera

This spray has been made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, thyme and rose water that help hydrate and refresh skin. It has nutritional and antibacterial properties that make it an effective treatment to combat acne.

A product with numerous uses and applications whose continuous use guarantees you a brighter, hydrated and rejuvenated skin. Its refreshing effect is ideal for beat the heat during the hottest days of the summer.

2. Moisturizing with coconut and rose water

Herbivore Botanicals has created a spray with a formula that adapts to everything type of skin. Its ingredients include aloe vera leaves, witch hazel, radish and coconut water that provide vitamins and essential minerals for skin care.

Its ingredients natural They are best suited for healthier, toned, hydrated skin, fully protected from moisture and heat. The spray leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness on your skin and has a sweet aroma of fresh roses.

3. Cleansing tonic pore minimizer

A product natural and organic with a proprietary formula made from rose water. The tonic is available in a practical portable presentation that is ideal for application to sensitive skin.

A mix of pH balanced that prevents redness and irritation caused by overexposure to extreme climates. A transparent liquid that leaves your face flawless.

4. Moisturizing blend with vitamin C

Natural combination to treat the skin before and after makeup made with coconut water, sodium hydroxide and vitamin C. It is also a stimulant that renews any skin type during the day and makes the makeup have a longer duration.

When applied directly to the skin, the product gives it intense hydration and a much healthier glow. The lotion has a refreshing aroma of fresh cucumber that is Long duration.

5. Spray with aloe vera and chamomile

A formula of instant hydration made from extracts of vitamin B3, vitamin C, aloe vera and chamomile. Its immediate effect makes it useful for treating dry or damaged skin as it helps to replace the water lost during the day.

The spray nourishes, refreshes and rejuvenate your face. Its continuous use will make you look healthier, illuminated and with a fresh aroma that will last all day.