Feng Shui, more than a philosophy, is a lifestyle that seeks to attract the highest level of well-being, peace and positive energies to your home. There are thousands of images and representations that are part of the beliefs of the Feng Shui, and those that include animals are one of the favorites to attract good luck. Take a look at these models and choose the best one for your home.

1. Statue golden rooster

Brass Rooster Statue Feng Shui Handmade Chicken Figurine Collection Home Decor

Rooster statue hand carved in copper. It is perched on lucky coins and has a Chinese symbol on its chest.

The rooster is a symbol of good fortune, abundance and wealth. This statue is the perfect size to place on any table or shelf in the home or office.

2. Statue turtle tower

Bronze statue of three turtles of different sizes Golden colour. It measures 4.7, ”x 3,” x 3 ″.

The turtle represents the longevity and wisdom. Having it in your home is the best way to block bad energy, avoid damage, and attract wealth and health to your family. It is recommended to locate in the west or northwest of the house.

3. Statue of Lucky Dragon

Statue made of copper carved by hand with the figure of Chinese dragon. It measures 5.1 ″ x 0.85 ″ x 2.8 ″.

The dragon is a symbol of power, courage, authority, and honor. It is one of the most popular images to attract the luck and success.

4. Pair of statue of dogs Fu

Pair of Chinese dragons or Fu dogs, hand carved in brass. Its measurements are 2.1 ″ x 1.0 ″ x 2.3 ″

This pair of Pi Yao / PI Xiu, also called “bixie” are legendary creatures capable of attracting wealth and ward off bad fortune. They should be positioned with your head toward the window or sideways toward the door.

5. Statue elephants

Baby elephant trio sculpture made of ceramics painted green. They come in a tray of the same material and have measurements of 2.6 ″ x 7.75 ″ x 3.5 ″.

A unique sculpture sculpted by a Bangkok artist. Elephants are an amulet to attract prosperity good luck, patience, fertility and protection.