The wind chimes They are a fundamental part of Japanese and Chinese culture, and have become popular thanks to Feng Shui. Traditionally they are used to protect the home, attract wealth and achieve peace. In addition, it cannot be denied that they have a certain aesthetic element that adds a special touch to the decoration of the house. Therefore, this time we bring you 5 of the best bells for Feng shui.

1. Elephant Vintage: feng shui pendant

This elephant-shaped bell made of bronze is ideal for hanging on doors, windows, patios, bedrooms or even inside your car. Its vibrations provide protection and push away negative energies. Its sound is crisp and clear.

A decorative accessory rich in symbolism of the feng shui. In Chinese culture, wind chimes symbolize abundance and wealth; while the elephant represents protection, wisdom and strength.

2. Feng Shui Lucky Elephant: To increase luck


This wind chime has a modern design with a string that mixes the colors black and yellow. The accessory is made of copper decorated with figures of elephants and good luck dragons.

Its size is ideal to place it from the ceiling, doors or windows. This powerful amulet brings good luck to whoever owns it; In addition, it gives a touch of good taste to your spaces.

3. Chinese Feng Shui Bell: wealth and protection

Is classic bell Feng Shui made of copper will fill your spaces with peace, wealth and protection. Its design combines with any style of decoration and is decorated with lucky coins.

Ideal to hang on the door or even carry inside your car. When the bell vibrates it automatically removes all the bad energies from the environment. It also provides protection against thieves, accidents and natural disasters.

4. Lalago Chinese Feng Shui Bell: hanging coins

This bell attracts peace, wealth and success to your spaces. It is made of bronze and decorated with five ancient coins tied with a Chinese knot to a tassel pendant. This accessory comes in red or yellow color.

You can also carry this quality piece with you as a charm personal good luck. It is an ideal accessory to decorate doors, rooms and even cars.

5. Chinese Metal Bell Lucky: amulet for harmony

Is ornamental bell It is rich in feng shui symbolism and is a great gift or decoration idea. It is made of resin, plastic and metal. The piece has a diameter of 40 centimeters long.

A amulet decorative that purifies your home, brings peace and provides protection for all the people who inhabit that space.