Drink Water It is very important for different reasons; mainly because it helps to detoxify our body and hydrate it. Consuming plenty of water is also essential to lose weight and make our whole body work in the right way. Sometimes we limit ourselves in the consumption of water because we do not know if it is pure; so that this is not a problem we present below these bottles with filter so that water is always your companion.

1. Filter One: Water bottle with filter and compass


It has a world-class filtration system, two stages of 0.01 microliters of filtration of activated carbon and medical UF membrane filter that can filter 99.99% of common bacteria.

This bottle of water does not contain BPA and they are made of food grade tritan copolyester. Its lid is leak proof with a nozzle that you can fold in the lid for convenience and cleanliness.

2. Brita: Bottle with interchangeable filter


This bottle of water filter while you drink, reducing the chlorine odor and taste found in tap water. It is elegant and fits into the cup holders of the cars.

You can easily enjoy filtered water in your home, office, a sporting event or on a trip. He offers you effortless hydration anywhere with its built-in carry handle.

3. LifeStraw: Bottle with integrated filter


The water bottle reusable BPA-free filter your water while you drink it. Its hollow fiber membrane filter removes bacteria and protozoa from lakes and streams to ensure clean and safe water.

It is durable and ideal for travel, backpackers, camping and emergency equipment. Leak proof, it has a food grade silicone mouthpiece and replacement filters that you can have separately.

4. Kor: Bottle Reusable Water


Its filters are made of activated coconut shells by carbon. They can filter up to 40 gallons of tap water. Eliminate chlorine, chloramines, bad odors and flavors from your tap water.

You can filter the tap water in any place so you never have to worry about expensive bottled water again. It is easy to carry in backpacks, bags and wallets.

5. Bobble: Bottle Reusable with compact filter


Moisturizes and filters with style. This bottle has a replaceable carbon filter that removes the chlorine taste and odor from tap water. It is made of BPA free plastic, it comes with a soft touch carrying cap.

With this bottle you add style to everyday life, promoting your health and fitness. It is a solution for drink smart, easy and impressive that also helps reduce waste.

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