The kitchen It is one of those spaces where we spend most of our time creating dishes and desserts to please our family and friends. However, many of the tools that exist within it can be very dangerous if not handled with due care. It is very important to be well protected when cooking, and a very practical way to avoid accidents is with a finger protector. Here are some designs that will be very helpful.

1. Protectors resistant silicone

These protectors come in a package of 40 units Transparent color with five types of different sizes that allow them to be adjusted to each of the fingers. They come in a white paper storage box that keeps them well organized.

Protectors have a Ergonomic design which makes them very comfortable and easy to use, being made with silicone material makes them very flexible and capable of adapting to any size of fingers.

2. Protective stainless steel

They are four protectors for your fingers that have a very practical design when using them to protect your wrist. They are silver in color and made with stainless steel very good quality.

If you constantly cut a lot of food in the kitchen, then these protectors are ideal for you to use when preparing meals. They are very easy to handle, because they are firmly located inside the fingers.

3. Durable finger cover cuts

Some very practical protectors to take care of the fingers when cooking. They have been made with very good quality material and have a resistant design to bear cuts made by a knife.

They are protectors designed to completely protect the fingers, this means that you will not be in any danger when you chop meat, fruits or vegetables. Each protector is breathable, so no moisture will form on your hands.

4. Metal cover for fingers

These protectors are very easy to use and not only protect your fingers, they also have a design that allows them peel vegetables soft as peanuts. The size is adjustable, and they are made of very good quality stainless steel.

Protectors can be used in the kitchen or for restaurant staff to keep everyone with their fingers intact during the workday. Its patented design also helps keep your manicure in perfect state.

5. Pack 8 pieces to protect fingers

There are eight pieces in total made with a grade A medical gel that acts as a second layer of skin. This mechanism offers additional care for people suffering from diseases such as arthritis, blisters, calluses or cracks on the fingers.

They are very easy to use, you just have to place them on your fingers and start doing your work in the kitchen. Also, these silicone protectors For the fingers they can soothe and hydrate the skin and even relieve pain from cracked fingertips.