A comfortable and practical piece for rest days.

There are days when our work and day-to-day responsibilities overwhelm us and we only want a moment of rest and relaxation. Whether you decide to stay working at home or want to spend a pure day of rest, there is nothing better for those moments than one folding tray that you can use in bed or on the sofa while enjoying the greatest comfort. That is why here we show you some options that you can have at home to take advantage of the maximum days off.

1. Home-it bed tray with folding legs

It is a breakfast tray made of bamboo with folding legs. Have a simple and natural design, refined and soft with which you can feed safely and calmly from the comfort of your bed.

This bamboo tray is a very practical and light tool, ideal for you to have your breakfast in your room or any other place outside the dining table. It is easy to clean and fold to protect.

2. Bed Tray with smooth surface

It is a breakfast tray for the bed, with high resistance made of solid wood with fine natural finishes, as well as white melanin on the surface. It has double and folding legs that facilitate storage and use, providing a safer and more flexible experience.

You can use this tray easily on your bed, sofa, garden, patio or other places in your home that require it. You should not make greater efforts to clean them thanks to the materials from which it is made.

3. Tray bamboo

It is a tray made of bamboo crafts with folding legs, with a strong and durable structure. It also has a protective barrier with secure edges to prevent food from spilling.

For those days when you want to get out of bed or be on the comfortable sofa in your living room watching TV, this ultra resistant tray in fine bamboo crafts is your ideal companion. You will be able to enjoy your breakfasts and appetizers in it with the full assurance that you will have a better experience.

4. Computer table portable and adjustable

It is an adjustable and manufactured laptop table and breakfast tray 100% bamboo handmade, with a membrane that absorbs heat and ultraviolet radiation. It also has thermal insulation with oil paint. It has padded, foldable and sturdy legs.

The biggest feature of this portable computer table with space for breakfast is its high resistance and rubber feet. Its refined and natural finishes also provide a modern touch and style.

5. Folding table for computer

It is a folding table for bed and picnic With a practical, portable and lightweight design that makes it easy to store. It is a stable table with a non-slip membrane and unified metal legs that provide greater support cohesion.

This comfortable table is ideal for camping, hiking or fishing days, as well as for breakfast. You can easily take it to external sites and you can protect it in the narrowest places of the home.