The darling of the house also deserves to be labeled.

The day of your wedding It is a unique moment to remember, especially if you spend it with your loved ones, be it your family or pets. We know that you dog He is the darling of the house and one more member of the family, and as he also deserves to be blank tip On such a special occasion, here we show you the best models of formal suits that you can wear throughout the celebration:

1. Kuoser: Bow-tie jacket for small dogs


Formal, cute and straight cut dog shirt design. Made with a mixture of cotton soft, durable and high quality. Easy to put on and take off.

This shirt model formal It stands out for the comfort of its materials, as well as for its beautiful tuxedo pattern.

2. Alfie: Formal and straight-cut tuxedo


Model of tuxedo straight cut for dogs. Its dimensions are suitable for small and medium dogs.

If you are looking for a suit ElegantBeautiful and comfortable for your dog to look radiant on your wedding day, this model is ideal for you.

3. MoonCastle: Formal tuxedo for dogs


Formal wedding suit with tuxedo design a stripes for dogs. It comes in different sizes to perfectly fit the size of your dog.

What stands out most about this tuxedo for dogs is its beautiful striped design that will make it stand out as the best dress on your wedding day.

4. Evursua: Classic Tuxedo for Large Dogs


Wedding outfit and social events for dogs. The Elegant This tuxedo design is made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric.

Your dog will feel comfortable in his walk throughout the ceremony, thanks to the softness of the fabric. cotton with which this model of formal tuxedo is made.

5. Midlee: Suit, belt and hat set


Formal dog suit design in a nice gray color. Count with one hat upper, strap, removable tie and velcro closure on the chest. The tuxedo is embroidered with a square pocket and features a tail style.

This gray tuxedo model stands out for its padded design and comfortable for your dog, who will be happy to be part of your special day.