Enjoy the characteristic aroma of vanilla on your skin whenever you want.

Sweet aromas stand out for being full of freshness and positive energy, so it is not surprising that they are the favorites of women with a magnetic and simple personality. They are perfect to use on any occasion where you want to stand out and leave an impression that no one can ever forget. The vanilla It is one of the aromas that will never go out of style, that’s why we leave you 5 fragrances with vanilla flavor.

1. Vanilla Fields with a touch of jasmine

This is a fragrance that comes in a 0.75 ounce presentation and is characterized by its combination of mimosa and jasmine notes with soft aromas and warm that will spread on your skin.

It is perfect for you to use it daily to go to the work or university. If you want to transmit sensuality and sweetness, this fragrance can be a good option.

2. Body splash Fantasies

Is a splash Vanilla that has a formula that combines spring green notes such as roses, clean cotton, amber and cedar wood.

It is best to apply it right after you get out of the shower so that your perfume lasts longer. It is a perfume that stands out for being refreshing your skin, having a youthful aroma and staying on your foot for hours.

3. Eau De Toilette paraben free

Its natural essence is totally free of parabens, gluten and silic It is ideal to apply on sensitive skin and comes in a presentation with the perfect size so you can carry it in your bag.

When you apply it to your skin, it will create a different aura, because you will feel fresher, clean and safe. It is a very sweet fragrance that can be used on any occasion.

4. Special edition Warm Vanilla

Warm Vanilla Sugar stands out for its formula that perfumes and nourishes the skin leaving a softer feeling. It has a mix of notes of vanilla, coconut, jasmine, white orchid, cocoa and aloe vera.

It completely captivates the sense of smell from the moment you spray it on your skin. It is a great option if you want to steal the gaze of everyone around you and leave a good impression.

5. Lavanila with vanilla and coconut fragrance

It is a fragrance that has been designed for elegant and charismatic women. Available in a 100 ml presentation filled with a sweet aroma created with a blend of vanilla and coconut.

Its tropical mix will give you a different touch and create a spark more vibrant in your personality. It is an ideal fragrance for special occasions such as weddings or baptisms.