A body spray It is the most subtle way to enjoy a pleasant fruity, floral or woody fragrance without being too overwhelming. The idea is that you apply it delicately on clothing if you want to obtain longer results. This type of personal hygiene products is always convenient to take with you wherever you go. And to facilitate the task of choosing the right one, below you will find a list with some of the best options that you can always have in your portfolio to apply at any time.

1. Portable lotion with vanilla fragrance

It is an original and warm body fragrance created with notes of sweet vanilla and other natural aggregates that provide a long-lasting, deep touch that stays on the skin for a long time.

This body spray has an active and vibrant side that makes you look fresh and light as the hours go by. The product covers you with a soft trail which is perfect for you to wear during hot days.

2. Can Can with raspberries and currants by Paris Hilton

It’s a Paris Hilton perfume that starts with a note of raspberry nectarine and sweet currants. It has an essence based on orange blossom and wild Orchid accompanied by the unmistakable aroma of musk and black wood.

This fruity blend offers an irresistible sweet fragrance with a moderate wake that adapts smoothly to hot days without becoming overwhelming. In addition, it has that seductive touch that remains on your skin for a long time.

3. Body essence of Sofia Vergara

This fragrance by SofĂ­a Vergara has initial notes of green apple and orange blossom with a background composed of orchids and magnolias mixed with a touch of sweet vanilla for a more feminine touch.

This inspiration was designed to get you wrapped in an air of mystery and romance. Its sweet and light aroma will last for a long time on your skin.

4. Spray Pink’s Victoria Secret with flower essences

It is a floral and fruity fragrance from Victoria Secret that stands out for its notes pink grapefruit and sugar berry. But it does not stop there, it also has a moisturizing quality thanks to its aloe vera content that guarantees a more refreshing result.

This spray offers a scent difficult to resist because it creates a sweet and flirty aura and its compact size allows you to carry it on any moment. In addition, it is a perfect option to cool off on a hot day.

5. Fragrance of Paris Hilton with jasmine flowers

It is a Paris Hilton spray that offers a feeling of cleanliness and freshness thanks to the notes of jasmine flowers, champagne mimosa, violet leaf, honeysuckle, grenadine and pure vetiver.

It is certainly a fragrance vibrant and intoxicating evoking images of fresh flowers to convey an air of lightness and sophistication that allows you to use it at any time of the day.