The girdles They are an excellent option to shape our body, improve posture and achieve a beautiful silhouette when we need immediate changes. So it is always good to have one at our disposal, especially those of whole body, that shape our figure completely and in the most problematic areas. The best thing about them is that you can wear them under almost any type of clothing and they will always go unnoticed, while you feel comfortable and looking spectacular.

1. Colombian girdle reducing and shaping


A full body piece that covers the whole of the upper, middle and lower parts of the body. It has a ventilation system that allows you to stay cool, it also has a closure and various hooks that allow a better fit.

With this girdle model you can carry out all your activities without feeling uncomfortable since it adjusts well to the shape of your body. You will get a more pronounced figure at the time you will feel it very comfortable and safe for daily use.

2. Girdle with fit post surgery

With this girdle you will give a beautiful shape to your silhouette. The garment has a exclusive designs of the brand made entirely with lycra that has a control system for the abdomen, back, belly and waist. Its adjustment allows it to adapt to the shape of your body automatically.

This girdle has the function of shaping and lifting your buttocks, further embellishing your hips and waist. This garment is available in color black and beige to match your clothes.

3. Full bodysuit with hook closure

This bodysuit is available in black and beige, and has been made with nylon and elastane, two resistant materials that give it elasticity and make it very breathable. This girdle has the function of lifting the buttocks and adjusting the area of ​​the breasts making them look more voluminous.

Without a doubt, you can give a better shape to your whole body and you will feel much more beautiful. If you are looking for more lasting results, you can follow a diet plan and regularly use this girdle so that you are always fit.

4. Shaping garment Withouth stitches

Designed without seams, this girdle is highly elastic so it adapts to any body type and helps you hide those extra little rolls from the back and stomach. It has been made from elastane and nylon, which makes it super cool and breathable.

If you are looking to enhance your buttocks and you silhouette In general, this bodysuit-style girdle that covers the chest area is ideal. Perfect to wear under full body dresses or an outfit for a special gala or party.

5. Colombian girdle with independent settings

Made with polyamide and lycra, this girdle imported from Colombia has the function of shaping your hips and waist at the same time that control the rolls. It adapts easily to all types of body and has a hook system that provides an extra fit.

This garment has a design that covers almost the entire body so you can wear it with long dresses, shorts or elegant skirts for those special occasions where you want to look a well defined silhouette.