Are you worried about how your body will look in the next holidays? Are you planning to go to Beach or pool but you are not sure about your appearance in a bikini? Don’t let these worries stop you from enjoying your rest. Take a look at these models of swimsuits from whole body with which you can hide those extra pounds and highlight your best attributes:

1. Ruffled swimsuit and tropical print


Full body swimsuit model with print tropical vintage. Made of soft, stretchy and durable fabric. Easy to carry, it is also extremely comfortable.

This swimsuit stands out for its fresh, eye-catching design and tropical. You will show off your figure with elegance, especially for being a swimsuit with a long torso adjustable to all types of body.

2. Swimsuit with cleavage and slimming effect


One-piece swimsuit, made with 80% of nylon and 20% elastane. Features a halter neck, padded bra, plus a ribbed design. It allows you to show the silhouette of your back and accentuate your curves with elegance.

Ideal full body swimsuit with slimming effect and style summer. You can model your figure with subtlety and wear this swimsuit with great comfort on your beach or pool days.

3. Swimsuit with wrap neckline


Swimsuit design elastic for women in one piece, which has a useful ruffled waist that conceals the belly. Fabric made with 82% polyamide + 18% elastane. It also has a zipper closure.

Comfortable, elegant and long-lasting. This classic black swimsuit stands out for its bare back and tummy control. You can model your figure with total freedom.

4. Swimsuit with bare shoulders and ruffles


Women’s swimsuit with full body design and striking ruffles. Tissue soft, elastic and strapless. It features ruffles without padding, a high waist, a boat neckline and a slim fit with curves.

With this swimsuit elastic You will wear a sensual, elegant and slim figure. You will not have to worry about your image, since the fabric maintains a curved fit.

5. Swimsuit with fit at waist


Women’s one-piece swimsuit with striped design. Made with tissue soft and elastic in 80% chinlon and 20% elastane. It features a gathered halter in its construction, as well as a padded bra.

Fantastic option of swimsuit full body to adjust your curves with firmness and elegance. Easy to use, recommended to wash by hand and with cold water.