Having a few extra pounds is not a reason not to enjoy the Halloween night. Currently there are many options costumes for all sizes, with which you can be the center of the party and have fun with your family and friends. Take a look at these options and get ready to win all the costume contests in this Halloween.

1. Classic costume prisoner


Fun outfit inspired by the uniforms men used to wear in prison. Striped design on black and white It makes it very striking and even gives it a comic touch.

Made of soft-touch fabric and comfortable to wear at a theme party with a motif of Halloween. This baggy plus size costume is ideal for men of large build.

2. Roman Robe Julius Caesar style

Made of a fabric of high qualitySoft and comfortable to wear to any costume party. An original and striking costume inspired by the powerful figure of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

The set consists of a matching toga with an emperor crown. It stands out for being a striking outfit and very original to dress up on Halloween night and dazzle everyone.

3. Scary Clown in black and white

It stands out for its design chilling and the striking black and white striped and polka dot patterns. It also has a mask that complements the costume.

If you want to cause a furor on Halloween night, this costume scary clown It is an option that just by seeing it causes chills. Additional accessories include a butcher knife and a fake machete.

4. Costume Flintstone

his loose fabric offers comfort at all times, even if you’re a little overweight. Includes the character’s well-known wig and comfortable shoe covers.

This costume of the characteristic character of the Flintstones is an option flashy and fun to use at a party or gathering with friends on Halloween.

5. Superman costume muscular

Comfortable outfit inspired by one of the most famous superheroes in the comic book world. It is made of a soft fabric, loose and elastic.

Includes a belt, cape and some boots that complement the whole set. Easy to put on and take off and ideal to wear at reunions or costume-themed parties.