The touch of elegance you were looking for for your home.

A watch It is a device that allows us to locate ourselves in time, organize each of the activities that we must carry out during the day and also arrive in a timely manner to each of our commitments. At the level of decoration, these are an excellent option to give some style to a space and make it look more homey, that’s why today we share some giant clocks for your home that are available at a great price.

1. Accessory for rooms with mirror surface


Created from a modern design, with a sober style and a large size that makes it a luxurious piece for decorate the wall. It has been made with two mirrors and EVA foam.

It is appropriate to be installed in any environment of your House such as the living room, dining room, study or any room. An excellent option that adapts to any idea you have to decorate.

2. Large clock for rooms of vintage wood


It is a watch designed with a silent quartz movement that is handmade with a totally solid print on its front on the wood.

Its face structure is open, without glass or reflections, it makes it easier read the time from any angle. With a versatile and very original design, this watch is responsible for complementing the style of your home.

3. Metal frame with Roman numerals


It has a European retro style design with no surface under the frame. It is handmade with Roman numerals that complement its classic industrial style. It is made of iron with a vintage color also completely hand painted.

Its quartz sweep movement guarantees a precise time and an absolutely silent environment. Its sobriety allows you to integrate it into any space in your home.

4. Mechanism adhesive for walls


This is a watch made with modern design alloy and acrylic which make it strong, durable, waterproof, eco-friendly and insurance for children. Each mirror has a protective film that you can remove when mounting.

It is very easy to install, you just have to stick it directly to the wall or any clean surface where you want to place it. You can customize the size and position of the watch according to your tastes.

5. Wall clock wood


It is a vintage looking watch perfect for to combine with many types of furniture, walls of different colors or decorative paintings of bohemian aspect. Its dial is made of colorful wood and all the numbers are printed.

Your screen Arabic numbers and it is very easy to read in each of its different colored backgrounds. A precise piece that keeps the exact time and is perfect for you to place it in your living room, dining room, room or any home environment.