For some women, being a first-time mom may not be so complicated. However, for most there are always new eventualities. There are fears, fears and insecurities that lead them to think that they are not prepared for the most important work of their lives. Really, It is a time where many changes are coming for women and the family, as well as the surrounding environment, so it would be very helpful for your loved ones to support you in everything and provide adequate environments for it. If you are looking for the ideal gift for that first time mom, and facilitate the process in its new facet, here we present Five options you can’t ignore For the new mom and her baby.

1. Fabric baby carrier

One of the most important tools that every first-time mom should have at hand. This baby carrier fits very well in the body and supports weights of up to 35 pounds. It is a great way to take your baby without feeling back pain.

This is really a great gift for new mothers and to promote parenting with attachment, where the baby does not lose those first contacts with the mother that are important to help him generate the security that the child will need for the future.

2. Multifunction donut shaped pillow

It is a pillow created so that the newborn can rest, taking care of the posture of his spine. It is the ideal place for mom to do her homework and be aware of every movement of the child. It is designed with soft and light fabric where babies will relax.

It is a nice detail for the newborn and also for his mother who will be essential in everyday life, because this cushion also allows the baby to interact with the parents. It is super practical and easy to carry everywhere.

3. Washable organic breastfeeding pads

This kit of pads ideal for women who are breastfeeding. It comes with 14 packages, all designed to be used within a week. Each unit is designed with four layers of absorption, of which 3 layers are made of ultra absorbent bamboo and with a waterproof layer to prevent accidents.

It is really a very good option to choose to give to the woman who has been a mother for the first time and needs to be protected when leaving home or receiving visitors, to avoid stains on clothing caused by breastfeeding.

4. Large capacity backpack style diaper bag

This backpack has been created as a diaper holder with intelligent functions because it has an integrated USB charging port, to recharge your cell phone battery. This shoulder bag has been made with lightweight nylon and cotton fabric that resists water and deformations. Its straps and handle prevent breakage. It comes armed with 13 pockets, all distributed internally and externally.

You can choose between several shades and with the security of carrying a strong and efficient backpack for that mom who leads an active life and must fulfill duties outside the home but takes her baby with her, so it requires being well equipped for any eventuality.

5. Manual breast pump to pump milk

The breast pump created with silicone is a great ally to obtain all breast milk through suction with the technique of tightening, adhering to the chest and letting nature flow. It does not require cables or batteries. It is easily sterilized, through boiling water for about 2 or three minutes.

This tool can never be missing among mom’s things when planning the breastfeeding of the new baby. It adapts to all types of breast sizes and the contact with the skin is very soft so it will not cause discomfort.