The best way to captivate on a daily basis.

There is nothing more attractive and seductive than a man that reflects self-confidence and uses good fragrance. Home Armani has created more than 20 fragrances designed for each personality and occasion, with a wide variety of fruit, marine, floral, acid and citrus aromas that condense the best of nature in elegant presentations where every detail counts. Here we leave you the 5 best options for you to use daily and captivate at all times.

1. Perfume Aqua di gio

Marine fragrance based on algae, lemon, spices and flowers. This presentation contains 75 ml.

Created over 20 years ago, this is one of the house’s most popular fragrances Armani which is still more current than ever and is the favorite of many men of all ages.

2. Perfume Armani Code

Perfume based on warm and acid aromas like lemon, leather, bergamot, tobacco and olive blossom.

his stylish and elegant bottle reflects everything that the man who wears this fragrance seeks to project. Entrepreneurial and business men will feel identified with this perfume.

3. Perfume Armani Eau de Nuit

A fragrance made from coffee, spices, roses and other flower essences. It comes in a practical and minimalist bottle.

This fragrance sweet and seductive It is perfect for the warmer months of the year, you get it in Amazon for less than $ 80.

4. Perfume Armani Actitude Extreme

Perfume with fragrance of oriental airs in which spices, coffee, amber and patchouli predominate.

Its bottle is a whole artwork and its scent will captivate everyone who passes by on your walk. This fragrance can be used for both day and night.

5. Perfume Stronger with you

Perfume kit and pair of fragrance shampoos Stronger With You, which has a spicy air with vanilla, cardamom, pink pepper and chestnuts.

A fragrance fresh and youthful It can be used daily by those men with a more relaxed style. This kit comes in a gift box.