There are many ways to attract wealth, fortune, good luck and positive thoughts to improve different aspects of your life. One of the most recommended is to have chinese amulets like the ones we show you below and locate them at various strategic points in your home. Take a look at this list and choose the best charms for you:

1. Chinese frog with coins in red thread

Amulet of Chinese frog that includes set of 5 coins in red string of good luck. Each statue holds a pair of fortune coins in its mouth.

This design of chinese statue It stands out for the high quality material with which it is made. You can place the ornament in any space in your home.

2. Pair of statues Chinese dragons

Set of Chinese Feng Shui statues made with brass. Handmade, each piece has an excellent finish. A package contains 2 pieces.

What stands out most about this set of statues is its beautiful design traditional of Chinese dragons, ideal to decorate any space in your house.

3. Turtle Dragon of prosperity

Chinese turtle dragon statue with set of 10 coins ancient. Its dimensions are 4.5 ″ x 3.4 ″ x 3.4 ″ and it is made of resin.

If you are looking for a statue China Traditionally designed to attract good fortune and prosperity to your home, this model is ideal to place it in the coordinate of your home’s money according to Feng Shui.

4.Lucky cat Maneki neko


Chinese amulet for good fortune and luck. East ornament It is powered by 1 battery that makes your left leg move. It has an approximate height of 4.5 ″.

This amulet of Maneki neko It stands out for its long tradition in amulets of prosperity and good fortune. You can place the ornament in the main living room or the entrance of your home, in order to attract good wishes.

5. Pendants red son and chinese coins


Chinese coin pendants ancient for good prosperity and Feng Shui. Presented in packs of 2 with knot design, red bow and bag.

If you are looking for a compact amulet, traditional of Chinese culture and beautiful, this ancient coin pack to attract good fortune is ideal for you. You can hang it on the front door of your house or in your car.

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