Free yourself from pain and regain your mobility.

The sciatica It is the largest nerve in the body and is branched in the legs, buttocks, hips, and lower back. Pain can occur when changes in the spine occur, when the lower back is overloaded due to obesity, when lifting heavy loads frequently or making sudden movements with the back, when sitting for long hours and also if you suffer from diabetes, Since blood sugar makes you more prone to this condition.

Symptoms present as inflammation, burning, numbness, and muscle weakness in the lower body, specifically on one side only. Sometimes these discomforts can be serious; however in many cases it is relieved by orthopedic treatments.

Suffering from this type of pain can slow down your daily tasks at home or at work. So you can go for one orthopedic Bender keep the groin area compressed and increase blood circulation so pain can subside and recovery is faster.

This condition can reappear over time after you treat it, however you can prevent it by practicing regular exercises where you pay special attention to the muscles of the lower back and abdomen; when lifting weights, bend your knees and keep the effort on your legs; And if you must remain seated for long hours, do it with a proper posture and maintaining good support in your back and arms.

If you want to know more about these therapeutic options, below you will find a list of five girdles that will help you alleviate sciatica pain and to lead a healthier lifestyle.

1. Strip universal size

It is a compression girdle made with neoprene, nylon and spandex materials, exclusive materials that provide support, comfort and freshness at all times. Likewise, its design has Velcro straps They help customize the fit to the exact size of your waist and thighs.

It is a piece of universal size You can carry it on both the right and left leg, as it also works to increase blood flow, reduce recovery time and provide relief from hip, quad and joint pain. To improve results and prevent this condition, you can perform exercises that tone the back and abdominal area, as well as practice yoga to maintain the flexibility of the muscles around the sciatic nerve.

2. Strip lightweight neoprene

It is a compression girdle for men and women made of lightweight, breathable neoprene This guarantees freshness, comfort and softness on contact with your skin. Likewise, it has velcro straps that provide a universal fit with a reach of up to 49 inches at the waist and 32 inches at the thighs.

This girdle can be the solution if you have persistent discomfort in the hip area, thighs, groin and even arthritis, because its function is increase blood circulationOffering stability is the muscles and joints to speed up the recovery process. In addition, you can carry it throughout the day while you continue with your routine in the gym, go for a run, go to work or just stay at home.

3. Girdle with triple straps

This hip support is made with 0.157-inch-thick neoprene, which helps retain heat to speed recovery and relieve pain that occurs in the lower body. It also has a design with three wide straps that work to give you more controlled compression and prevent slipping or slipping.

It is an innovative design that adjusts tension and promotes recovery from injuriesIt stabilizes the hips and supports the groin to provide relief from the sciatic nerve, joint discomfort, and muscle injury. In addition, it is a girdle that fits up to a 42-inch hip and can be used on both the right leg and the left leg.

4. Girdle with fit at waist

It is a waist belt made with neoprene, an ultra soft, light and breathable material. It is designed with non-slip waist strap with velcro closure for controlled compression, which adapts seamlessly to a waist up to 45 inches and a thigh with a circumference of 25 inches.

His therapy provides a high level of support for you to recover daily movement, as it reduces tensions and provides stability to muscles so that the pain of the sciatic nerve diminishes quickly. Best of all, you can use it without restricting your movements while taking long car trips, playing sports, or while doing household chores.

5. Girdle with triple wrap

Girdle designed with neoprene and nylon material It combines with a loop closure to provide a comfortable fit to the thigh and waist. It is also a versatile piece with a non-slip back and a belt that reaches up to 72 inches in length to provide a triple wrap.

Sciatic nerve pain is determined when you start to feel tingling or weakness in one of the legs; These discomforts usually start in the lower back and go down the buttocks, at which time you can use this girdle as an alternative therapy. Its main function is to compress the painful area and speed up circulation to reduce recovery time in the groin, thigh and joints.