Many of us spend much of our day in our car, especially if we live far from work or if we have to go look for children at school. The truth is, the more time we spend in the car, the more quickly gets dirty; And there are many factors that can contribute to the deterioration of the seats, carpets or dashboard and lose their original appearance. The hand vacuum cleaners They are an excellent option to keep the car always clean, since they allow you to reach the smallest corners and due to its compact size you can always keep it in the suitcase. Here we show you some options that will be very helpful for you:

1. Vacuum cleaner with accessories and connector for the car

The powerful motor of this vacuum cleaner sucks all kinds of dirt from the car rugs, seats and dashboards. It has a 16 foot power cord so you can reach anywhere.

Includes specialized accessories for each type of cleaning, a hose for easy access to difficult areas and a replacement filter to keep the device always clean and purified.

2. Hand vacuum cleaner wireless

This vacuum cleaner has a LED light on top which allows you to see clearly even in the darkest areas, to ensure that you are leaving everything perfectly clean.

It has two replacement filters that give it an extremely long life of use, since each stainless steel filter can reuse up to 1,000 times.

3. Vacuum cleaner with stainless steel filter

Thanks to its extra wide suction nozzle, this vacuum cleaner allows you clean large surfaces soon. It has a stainless steel filter that attracts dirt like a magnet and doesn’t let anything escape.

It has all necessary accessories to achieve a comprehensive cleaning of your entire car, it also has a special connecting cable that allows you to reach any corner.

4. Hand vacuum cleaner with traveler bag

This compact size vacuum cleaner will allow you to always keep your car in perfect condition. Comes with a comfortable traveler bag where you can keep it with all its accessories.

It also features an LED light that allows you to vacuum even inside dark garages. It is the ideal tool for a superficial or deep cleaning.

5. Vacuum cleaner high suction

The combination of his powerful motor and its ultra resistant filter Made of stainless steel, this vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning food residue, pet hair, dust and even liquid.

Have a super long connecting cable with which you can easily reach any corner of the car. It is a tool that can not miss in your trunk.