Remove those pesky pimples from your face quickly and easily.

The skin of our face is exposed to constant contact with external factors such as pollution, sunlight and even the accumulation of dirt or debris makeup. Due to this, and hormonal or nutritional factors, we may suffer from acne and annoying pimples. If you want to easily remove them without hurting your skin, you need one of the healing patches that we show you below:

1. Nexcare: Absorbent cover for acne


These covers non-medicinal They help absorb excess oil from the affected area. It works like a sponge to remove pus and oil, and can be used on any skin type.

You just have to remove the covering of the coating and apply them on your clean skin and dry. When the color changes from light to white, you know it’s working.

2. Healing patch for acne


Is a natural treatment made of a special absorbent material that is slightly thicker than normal, allowing it to protect more effectively and absorb pus and fluids.

They are practically invisible and perfectly disguise acne, protect your pimples from dirt and prevents pitting. Keeps it clean and absorbs, for faster healing even at night.

3. Patch Hydrocolloid


These non-medicated patches help to remove and heal pimples on your face, very easy to use and best of all, they work on all skin types. Ideal to leave them act at night.

You apply the patch on the pimple and thus it is in charge of absorbing all the moisture and pus. By having the shin shielded It heals much faster, avoiding contact with dirt.

4. Absorbent Patch for pimples


It is an acne patch that is made drug-free, without aggressive chemicals or drying formulas. Completely formulated naturally, cruelty-free and vegan.

Protects blemishes of your skin for a much faster healing, especially if you use them at night. By having the pimple covered, its healing is faster because it does not have any contact with contaminating factors.

5. Set of Healing patches blackheads


Made with hydrocolloid high grade, specially formulated to adhere directly to the skin, to extract all the pus and impurities directly from the source.

Designed with a invisible coloring so you can use them and feel safe even in sunlight. It is effective even with those pimples that have not yet come to the surface of your skin.