A tool to keep your health under control.

The heart rate or pulse is the process responsible for measure how many times in which our heart beats, and is grouped between vital signs and indicator of organism functioning. This indicator is one of those that responds according to the mood or emotional state of each individual, and this is also a kind of center to determine certain existing pathologies or diseases.

The normal functioning of this does not mean that the body works in optimal conditionsThis will depend on a specialized diagnosis. That is, it can be concluded in conceptual terms that the cardiac pulse is, in the first place, a meter of the functioning of our heart and therefore of our vital consciousness. While, secondly, it could be said that it is a revealing factor of diseases, depending on the heartbeat type and shape.

Another aspect to highlight in this topic is the adrenaline that releases the heart and that is defined by the heart rate since, when pumping the blood, the heart presents the result of danger or emotions that you face, and consequently the rhythm of the beats increases, in coordination with the arterial pressure.

Normally, a person’s heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, past 10 years of age, and at this level it is considered normal, and an example of this is reflected in athletes, whose heart rate increases in proportion to their physical adrenaline.

Due to the importance and relevance of this, it is essential that you stay aware of how your heart beats and on the level of oxygen saturation in your blood, so that you can react in time and you can seek help from a professional and prevent a greater evil.

Fortunately, technological advances can determine and control in real time, with accurate and precise diagnoses, your pressure and heart rate. Take a look at the following options.

1. Pulse oximeter with silicone cover

It is a lithium or double A battery powered pulse oximeter with a black silicone cover and easy activation system. It also has an LED valve for blood oxygen saturation levels. It has an adaptable and light design that allows you to take it or protect it anywhere.

This frequency meter has a 12 month warranty to measure your heart rate at any time, having results in just 10 seconds. Its light design will allow it to adapt to fingers of any size. This high-end device is capable of giving you results safely, efficiently and in no time.

2. Saturation monitor oxygen in Ankovo

It is a white, portable, lightweight blood oxygen saturation monitor with auto power offIt also has an LCD screen, perfect for athletes and people of any age. Its design is also adaptable and totally practical which makes it easy to have a diagnosis in a few seconds. This accessory is accompanied by two double A batteries and a cord that allows transport and reach at any time.

The Ankovo ​​finger pulse oximeter is ideal for when you do exercise routines and can monitor the circulation of oxygen in your blood in real time, in addition to maintaining monitored heart rate. This practical device adds to its design an automatic shutdown system 10 seconds after requesting a diagnosis, that is, you just place your finger and in a few seconds you will have an exhaustive result of your heart pulse and blood oxygen level.

3. Activity tracker and fitness with heart rate monitor

It is a smart purple activity tracker that has an adaptable, simple and characterful design, as well as being designed for fitness and physical activity, as well as mobile connection for operating system Android. It has a heartbeat identification system that allows you to measure your level of calm or stress. It also integrates a relaxation encoding and a breath timer. This device has a daily general physical fitness recognizer, capable of measuring aerobic condition.

With this accessory you can control your time, mood, heart rate and general state of your body. You can also control your music, receive notifications and you can easily find your mobile ph Its design is very practical and flexible, it will also give you class and a lot of distinction. You can carry it when you do your exercise routines outdoors and keep it with you when you do professional or home activities.

4. Pressure monitor electronic blood

It is an electronic blood pressure monitor with a large screen tricolor backlight display with LCD numbers, with a flexible precision reading system with advanced technology techniques and indicators determined by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is powered by double A batteries, and can store up to more than 190 data sets in two user modes.

This device is effective and reliable for track your health, blood pressure and heart rate with a series of highly accurate indicators thanks to the advanced technology it integrates, and you can also have a diagnosis in real time. This accessory is ideal for you to know when the heartbeat is irregular or warns of serious illness. Another benefit that this device will give you is the ease of adjustment and comfort.

5. Color Pulse Oximeter green Choicemmed

It is a battery-powered portable oxygen sensor that comes in a long-lasting protective bag with which you can monitor the saturation of oxygen in the blood. Have a simple system and lightweight design with a wide screen and real-time indicators. It can work for up to 30 continuous hours.

This device is perfect for measuring your blood pressure and frequency during your exercise routines or sports days whether in the mountains or other outdoor places. The high level of precision and reliability that it has will help you to know and be quickly informed of any irregular behavior in your body. You can take it wherever you want and in a very simple way see the result.