A perfect device for exercising at an affordable price.

Heart disease is a serious health problem that affects both men and women worldwide. It is always necessary to attend and prevent in advance any type of symptoms that may be related to the heart. A very good way to help our circulatory system is with exercises and eating a balanced diet. It is always important to be aware of blood pressure and a good way to do it is with a watch with heart monitor like the ones we present below.

1. Smart device with sporty design

A new watch that has an excellent design and ideal for those women who love to exercise. It comes with a system that constantly monitors your pulsations. It also gives you accurate data on the hours of sleep, the calories burned during the routine and the distance you have traveled.

It has a connected GPS to track your steps all day, as well as other convenient functions such as sedentary alarm, notifications of calls, messages or emails and reminder with alarm.

2. Smart watch with touch screen

It is a 1.3-inch touchscreen watch that allows you to keep track of your overall health. The Letsfit activity clock allows you to control many functions such as your music for training and also gives you constant data about your training and stress levels.

You can receive notifications of calls, text messages and social networks in real time. The watch keeps you up to date on your steps, the calories you have burned, your sports mileage and quality of your dream.

3. Device with monitor heart rate

A monitor of your heart rate with black screen fully touch. It is equipped with the latest in sports and sleep tracking technology. It is programmed to provide constant information about sleep quality, distance traveled, heart rate, and body temperature.

You can keep track of your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep status throughout the day. You can connect your GPS to your mobile phone so you can check the distance and the route quickly and reliably.

4. Smart watch with color screen

A nice silver watch with a totally waterproof touch screen. It has a highly sensitive touch sensor that offers excellent image quality and features 5 levels of brightness that allows you to see the statistics clearly despite the dazzling sun.

Wear this magnificent watch to stay up to date with all notifications from your social networks. The device creates a register automatically that allows you to be aware of your progress and improvements in your health.

5. Smart bracelet e raincoat

An ideal watch for those girls who love the fusion of state-of-the-art technology and classic style. It is equipped with a step counter, calories burned, movement distance, GPS tracker, blood pressure meter and has a storage capacity that allows you to save up to 7 days of activity.

This device gives you the opportunity to analyze your personal activity status and build a better Training plan adapted to your needs. It also has the function of caller ID, number display, text and notifications such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and reminder.

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