A tool that will allow you to style your hair quickly and easily.

One of the beauty tools favored by women is the hairdryer. They have accessories that help focus the air to facilitate drying, as in the case of heat diffusers, which help define our natural curls and waves to achieve the desired look. For this, we show you 5 pieces with different characteristics that you can choose according to your dryer model and the abundance of your mane.

1. Xtava: Orchid diffuser

6-inch orchid-shaped circumferential diffuser that allows a diversified 320-degree airflow from its pins to the base, and adopts a unique angle to transmit heat to the hair. It also has a silicone grip that Fits most hair dryers.

With this professional tool you can take advantage of your waves and curls, since its concentrating nozzle softens the waves and increases their texture. And if you want to improve the result, you can use styling cream and achieve a attractive, bold and beautiful mane.

2. The Curly Co .: Foldable diffuser

It is a heat diffuser with flexible silicone construction that fits most hair dryer models. It has rigid tines that separate the strands and distribute the air in a homage to add body and volume to your curls.

Its design is responsible for protecting your mane from the concentration of hot air to prevent dehydration and that you show off waves with a natural texture. Without forgetting that it is a folding piece that makes it easy to store so you can take it with you while you travel.

3. Stargoods: Silicone diffuser

This universal size portable diffuser is made of silicone material resistant to high temperatures and water. It has a round surface that works to gently dry, separate and define. You can get it in several color options.

Thanks to its correct air distribution protects hair and scalp from direct heat to minimize frizz and frizz, regardless of whether you have thick, smooth or curly hair.

4. Conair: Volumizing diffuser

It’s a volumizing diffuser made from heat-resistant PC material that works to dry strands of hair gently while creating curls and molded waves and without frizz. It is also compatible with most models of hair dryers.

It is a basic piece with which you can get the look you want quickly, and that is because its spaciousness makes it possible to dry a large part of the hair so that you save time in the process.

5. Hairizone: Diffuser with 3D massage teeth

This heat diffuser is made with a 6 inch bowl that comes with 3D massage teeth and with up to 211 air holes that distribute heat evenly. It is suitable for 1.7 to 2.6 inch nozzle hair dryers.

Maintains the natural texture of the hair and protects you from heat damageAs it diffuses the air so the strands dry evenly, while preventing frizz and creating defined waves.