A treatment for muscles at an affordable price.

Avoid a muscle injury It is almost impossible and even more so if you play sports. In general, these are accompanied by uncomfortable sensations and sharp pains that, if not treated at the moment, can cause a muscle tear. To alleviate these pains, it is recommended to periodically apply heat to the affected muscle, and the best way to do it is with a heating pad specially designed for this.

1. Pad with LED control

It’s a blanket created with a double microfleece cover that offers intense heat perfect for soothing aches and pains at the muscular level. Its size is perfect for treating different areas on the body.

Its command allows you to have total control over the intensity of the applied heat. It is very light, it can be machine washed and it is very safe since it has a auto power off.

2. Blanket to relieve pain in seconds

Instantly relieves muscle aches throughout the body, including the back and spine. It can be easily adjusted to any part of the body and emits heat that penetrates the affected areas.

If you spend long hours with strong discomfort in the muscles and tendons, with this pad you can solve this problem. A treatment that allows you to enjoy the comfort of your sofa, while the pad applies a heat that relax muscle and eliminates any type of discomfort.

3. Device with rapid heating

A pad made from a very fluffy fabric that is skin friendly. It has a timer and a custom heat system that allows you to choose between heat dry or wet to apply it to the affected muscle.

It is a high quality device and easy to wash. The pad provides instant relief from pain caused by muscle injury or tears. You will feel comfortable, happy and totally pain free after using it.

4. Size blanket extra big

It is a great option if you want to apply heat to each of the different areas of your body. This is a pad that features temperature adjustment and a large size. It has been created with a microfiber fabric soft and waterproof.

You can use it without any problem as many times as you need to. It will help you relieve pain, reduce stiffness and increase blood circulation in the area where you use it. Its large size allows it to easily cover the entire back.

5. Pad with auto power off

It has a padded microfleece design that makes it really comfortable to wear anywhere on the body. Emits various heat waves, a perfect system for relieve immediately muscle discomfort.

You can easily wash it without fear of losing its shape. It has a control that allows you to adjust its temperature and the time in which heat will be applied to the muscle. This pad has the best ratio quality and price.