A comfortable garment to shape your figure

Regardless of the shape of our body, it is necessary to reinforce certain attributes every day in order to see and feel good. The panties from high cut They are garments designed to shape your figure without having to make a lot of effort, and they are made of comfortable and breathable materials so you can use them throughout the day. They are a great alternative if you don’t like to use girdles. So this time we share some options that will make you look splendid, without compromising your comfort.

1. Textured cotton tights comfortable

They have been made of cotton and spandex, two breathable fabrics that fit any body type. They have a double layer elastic band that provides a better fit.

It is a full coverage panty that you can use to diaryBecause its materials completely absorb sweat and allow air flow for greater comfort.

2. Design to hide the rolls

This type of panty has a very traditional design and has been made with soft fabrics and pleasant to the touch that allow air flow. Its elastic band compresses and flattens the abdomen.

You can use it in any season of the year and always look fabulous. It will adapt very well to your body and not will pinch Your skin will not produce any type of redness.

3. Elastic underpants without sewing

A panty with has been made with nylon and lycra that is also equipped with an elastic band that molds your figure and compresses the lower abdomen. It is available in sizes from S until the XXL.

It is a panty that you can use daily, both to go to college and at work. It is free of seams and is not roll upThis allows you to wear it under any garment without being noticed.

4. Sexy garment with lace

It has been made with polyester, spandex and cotton, a series of fabrics of high quality and durability. It has an effect that compresses your abdomen without pinching or pinching your skin. Its shape prevents the formation of rolls and also conceals the excess fat.

Its design allows air flow, this is perfect to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in your intimate area. Is a elastic garment which gives you complete freedom of movement.

5. Pantyhose with girdle effect

This delicate panty aims to instantly shape the figure. It has been created with an elastic fabric that provides comfort every time you use it, it also has a flowery design that makes her look more feminine.

It will help you look amazing. If your goal is to make yourself see more thinThis undergarment will help you achieve that goal.