Release the stress of the whole day by taking a relaxing shower.

Routine and day-to-day concerns can end up causing us a lot of stress that we have to deal with when we get home. It is important to release these tensions in order to renew our energy and good attitude. A good way to do this is by taking a long and relaxing shower, and for this, the high pressure heads They are the ideal, since they give you a delicious and gentle massage throughout the body that will eliminate any worry or stress. Take a look at these options and choose your favorite:

1. Chrome Rain Shower high pressure

This shower head made of chrome with rain effect Due to its 90 jets it is high pressure and quickly connects to any standard shower arm. It comes with Teflon tape and water filter.

With this shower you can enjoy hot water and a delicious hydromassage that will make you leave the bathroom recharged with energies.

2. Shower head to save water

This bath tool has been designed with a chrome head, high pressure and made of stainless steel. It includes a 2.5 GPM flow limiter and is easy to install.

The shower has an air intake system that injects small bubbles in the drops of water which gives a sensation of greater pressure when falling on the body.

3. Chrome shower head 5-function

This shower head is powerful even under pressure and water flow. It has modalities such as massage, rain and mist that change with the jets of water.

With this shower you will enjoy a rich repairing bath when you get home, with these five modalities in your water jet, which will leave you ready for rest.

4. Chrome shower head leakproof

Compactly designed with 45 jets of silicon Avoiding lime scale and hard water, this rotating ball shower head connects to any standard shower arm.

It is high pressure what will give good massages your skin revitalizing and activating circulation even more, which will make you feel great.

5. Rain shower head stainless steel

It has an ultra-slim design and carries strong and high water pressure. The head is made of stainless steel with a chrome finish and soft rubber.

With this shower you will have the experience of rain as a complete and dynamic massage on your skin.