Show off an enviable figure with any outfit.

The girdles from high waist They are garments that provide a level of control throughout the lower and middle areas of the body, this makes them comfortable pieces to wear at any time of the day. Its main function is to flatten the abdomen and reduce the centimeters in the middle of the body. So if you are starting to wear belt and you want to adapt to them comfortably, in this section you will find five options with which you can benefit.

1. Girdle to reduce the waist


It is a training piece with high waist design that is made with a double fabric made with a mixture of cotton and spandex in layers, which work to flatten your abdomen and reduce your waist.

Its cut provides support in the spine that provides relief to the lumbar area and improve your posture. Likewise, it comes with a band on the inner thighs that keeps everything in place.

2. Free molding and planer seams

It is a girdle made with lycra and nylon, materials that adapt to any type of climate. It also features a high waist design that gives you a slimmer look as it molds your waist and flattens your abdomen without the risk of it moving.

In addition, the back of the girdle features ergonomic circles that tighten and lift your buttocks. Not forgetting that it offers seamless compression to prevent it from marking under clothing.

3. Shaping design 3 in 1

This girdle for abdomen control is made of polyester and elastane, breathable and soft materials on contact with the skin. Offers compression Withouth stitches which makes it versatile to flatten your tummy without being noticed under clothing.

It is a three in one girdle that you can use to lift the buttocks of natural form, train your waist so that you get an hourglass figure and speed up the recovery process after surgery.

4. High waist garment with lace

It’s a high waist, panty cut sash that is constructed with sturdy bones on the sides to keep it from moving under clothing. It is made of a fiber elastic and breathable providing a secure fit throughout the day.

It is a soft corset that shapes comfortably to your hips and abdomen regardless of whether you use it for work, exercise, or a special occasion.

5. Girdle with elastic mesh

This piece is made of elastic fabric with two layers mesh, this gives you maximum protection to avoid back pain and correct posture. It also has four spiral bones that help it stay in place throughout the day.

It is a shaper girdle that features a full high waist shape that helps keep the abdominal area, at the same time that it lifts the buttocks so that you get the curve that you want so much.