Masculine essences that last for a long time on the skin.

The fragrances of Hugo Boss They are one of the most recognized worldwide for their high quality and penetrating essences with a certain experimental touch, due to the fact that they bring together a series of aromatic factors that go with the personality, character and occasion of each individual. When we talk about fragrances for mens, the brand has stood out for refined and elegant perfumes such as those shown below, which will allow you to enjoy a pleasant aroma throughout the day.

1. Perfume with odor citrus and wood

It is a high quality avant-garde fragrance that is available in a 75 ml presentation. It is characterized by a seductive aroma made with citrus essences of apple and Pinewood.

With this fragrance you will attract everyone’s attention, since it is an essence finely prepared to satisfy the demand of man. Its citric and woody aroma is ideal for casual man who likes to wear a casual and refined style.

2. Classic fragrance Hugo Boss with apple and sandalwood

It is a classic 100 ml fragrance that has a distinctive aroma and sophisticated where aromas such as apple, sandalwood, cedar and vetiver stand out. Its long-lasting formula makes it perfect for use in more formal meetings.

This fragrance of style oriental wood with fresh and refined touches, it is an exclusive and classic quality essence that causes a sensation among women.

3. Male essence with flowers of basil

It is a limited edition fragrance in a 90 ml presentation that is characterized by its mixture with basil flowers, allspice dry rose and musk. A light spray essence for the classic and refined man.

It is ideal for casual occasions and also formal, especially during daylight hours when it is time to carry out any type of procedure. A light and fresh essence that denotes its simplicity.

4. Perfume for men BOSS NO.1

The fragance Number one Hugo Boss is considered a classic in the world of men’s fragrances. The essence is made up of a mixture of lemon, mugwort and jasmine.

This classic is perfect for any occasion. Its spray type presentation allows you to obtain the exact amount of fragrance in each application.

5. Dark blue by Hugo Boss

This fragrance has a citrus scent, woody, fresh and very similar to vanilla. Its main ingredients include orange, ginger, grapefruit and lemon that provide a feeling of simplicity and elegance.

This classic perfume has the seal of authenticity of a distinctive mark which has become the man’s favorite choice with elegant and refined tastes.