The wedding rustic made in open spaces are events that are much more common than a few years ago. The problem is to ensure that the entire ceremony retains its nuptial aspect, and it is here that more care is needed. The simple ideas but well executed, they are the ones that will give that romantic, vintage and cozy touch that will leave all your guests captivated, and you can have a truly memorable ceremony. Take a look at these options with which you can create an unforgettable atmosphere.

1. Garlands of synthetic sheets

A creeper-shaped artificial leaf garland that can fit multiple decoration options. Its flexible body is perfect for hanging lamps, decorating party furniture, and even on cake or the buffet table.

They have a fresh smell and subtle that is pleasant to smell. Plus, they’re easy to cut and clean so you can always have them on hand in case of any other outdoor event.

2. Centerpieces with flowers

Flower centerpieces that are protected by a gold plated frame that gives them a elegant appearance to your rustic focus decorations. The tablecloth is easy to maintain and can be adapted to tables with different shapes.

These centerpieces are already ready to be placed, thus saving you time and effort. The item is available with different types of flowers so you have more decoration options.

3. Chair decoration set with flowers and leaves

A set of rustic chairs to seat the bride and groom during the ceremony or reception that are decorated with artificial flowers. They are rustic looking seats with a romantic touch and elegant.

They are not only useful for weddings, since their light structure and minimalist body makes them a decorative furniture perfect for any area of ​​your house or apartment.

4. Centerpieces rustic wood

Mini logs decorations made with real wood that have a slot to place the cards with all the details of the guests. When made with real logs, they can vary a little in size.

The cards they have enough space to put the guest’s last name and table number. The slot also works to display menus, photos or postcards.

5. Decorative tablecloth for rectangular tables

Decorative tablecloth is made of natural burlap and decorated with lace on the edges. An elegant and classic style piece that goes perfectly with rustic weddings.

You can not only use it as a centerpiece to decorate the guest table or candy, it is also useful to protect your furniture from the damaging effects of dust.