Recently the decorations of industrial style Made with parts and accessories similar to those used in factories during the 1930s, they have become very popular as home décor pieces. The combination of elements such as rustic wood, wrought iron and even concrete, have the ability to create a spectacular atmosphere within the home.

Maybe this way of furniture and accessories to decorate it is a bit intimidating because we are talking about old pieces that were originally conceived for the industrial sector, but the truth is that it is not as complicated as it might sound. Perhaps the word decoration and modernity can also scare you a little and you want to go for a more classic and comfortable look for your home, leading you to resort to routine instead of looking for more significant changes and suggesting a redecoration complete for your home.

However, and although it is a bit simple to start using rustic-looking pieces, we must know that modern decoration these days goes beyond what can be considered beautiful in sight. It is about making the most functional spaces that stimulate movement, give way to light and the expansion of places with reduced measures, all with the aim of giving warmth, well-being and the feeling of coming home and feeling in the best place in the world.

Now if we combine these trends with the so-called style rustic, it is not good that you rush and start thinking that it is something grotesque and careless looking. The rustic style has the ability to give a unique and particular touch to each place in the house that you will love. Therefore, it is good that you are encouraged to include it within your home, because it is natural elements that will give a chic, elegant and modern touch.

Dare to take a step forward and enjoy this change at home and for this, we recommend some styles of industrial decorations that you can try in your home.

1. Supports iron pipes for shelves

Striking and strong pipe-shaped wall supports that will elegantly decorate and give that modern and industrial touch to your spaces. They represent an ideal option to be a support for surfaces such as wood where you can place other elements. Each bracket is made of wrought iron It has been painted in black to give it that touch of sobriety that combines with any environment.

Decorating the spaces of a house, office or business will always be a good time to write new stories and beginnings in our lives. Making specific changes in the style of a place implies not only a transformation of visual aesthetics, but also of attitudes and mentality. So enjoy this type of decoration and also give it the necessary utility, because that is a simple piece so you can meet a functional role.

2. Industrial type shelving stairs

A beautiful bookshelf that will give charm to that special place where you decide to place it, either in a room inside the house or in any outdoor space. Created with a strong iron frame and sturdy metal that has been reinforced with cross bars at the back, it also has quite solid stairs made of wood on four different levels that provide a large space that can be used to the maximum to store or place articles. precious to you. This shelf protects your floors from scratches or other types of deformations because it is anchored to the wall to provide greater stability.

You can place it in any space in the house and it will look very chic, because it has a vintage and industrial style for its materials. So if you are in the mood for this type of decorations, then you have to buy this shelf with large dimensions. It is elegant, sophisticated, Trend mark And you can also place other decoration elements on it that will make your spaces places of great class and style that everyone will love when they visit your home, office or business.

3. Support for DVD and books industrial style

This DVD holder or books It has been created and designed with resistant iron that gives it greater durability over time. This prop is an industrial-themed pipe style décor for that décor you’ve always dreamed of. Is a elegant element It can be added anywhere in the house, office or place you are decorating. It has a galvanized black finish that adds a rustic look and a specially designed shape to hold your personal items. It resists oxidation because it has been tested for it.

With this piece you will undoubtedly have the industrial and rustic style in your favorite spaces. Natural elements mixed with others will give a very chic look to those places where good taste should predominate. Keep your books, DVD and even small televisions on a solid, immobile and above all very secure base. This support is easy to install and comes with the necessary accessories for it, in this way you can enjoy this decoration that is setting the trend.

Rustic coat rack classic to decorate

This coat rack has been created in a classic but fully functional rustic style so that it can be used with other elements just like the rest of the furniture in industrial decoration style. It is easy to mount on the wall with 2 different styles of hangers. Its material is wrought iron with generously placed and multipurpose hooks. Among its components is hand-carved solid pine wood.

This coat rack has multiple functionalities that will allow you to organize your spaces, making each place an ordered and tasteful place for its elements. It is ideal for placement in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms since it is designed with measures that fit in tight spaces without taking away style or utility. You can hang from the keys to the coats or hang other items for personal use such as shower towels.

5. Retro lamp industrial style

This nightstand serves as lamp wide voltage that has been designed in a vintage style supported on a pipe type base that adapts to the industrial and rustic decoration style.

With this lamp you can illuminate your spaces in a very chic way and with the style that is being the trend in all parts of the world. The best thing about this type of decoration is that it is not a static piece, it always has some kind of important function within the space in which it was placed, and in this case it is to bring light to those places where you want to highlight the beauty of your home.