Give your guests a comfortable and practical rest.

In the holiday seasons, when we meet with family and friends, it is the ideal time to share with them and invite them to stay at home, but we do not always have enough space to accommodate them at bedtime. The inflatable sofas that we show you below are the perfect solution for this situation, since they offer you maximum comfort, in very little space.

1. Pure Comfort: 5-in-1 sofa bed


Made of durable PVC, it is waterproof and supports the weight of up to 500 lbs. So it will not only serve to relax you, but also so that your visitors spend the night.It includes an electric air pump that performs inflation in 5 minutes, and you can use it in any of its positions.

2. Inflatable Empire armchair by Intex

Inflatable Empire chair by Intex

This armchair is of compact design, which makes it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms or patios. It is available in 3 colors so you can combine it with your decoration.

It’s perfect for those days when you need a couple more seats at home. It is very comfortable, practical and colorful, so all family members will like it.

3. Intex: Corner sofa

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa, 101" X 80" X 30"

This large inflatable sofa is not only very easy to store and fold, but also fits any room that requires extra seating.

In gray, it is ideal for parties or camping. Its comfortable and resistant surface will allow you to use it several times, providing a neutral and sophisticated look.

4. Lafuncosa: Vintage style sofa bed

Lafuncosa: Vintage style sofa bed

Sofa bed made of PVC, inflatable and foldable for a better use of space. It has 2 buckles for adjustment and can accommodate 2 or 3 people.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor, this sofa has a design that will undoubtedly attract attention. It is an excellent alternative for your guests and visitors.

5. Queen size inflatable sofa bed

Queen size inflatable sofa bed

This is one of the most versatile and extended models offered by this category of inflatable seats. In its bed position, it is very comfortable to receive up to 2 guests, and as a seat includes 2 cup holders.