Wear your favorite clothes with total confidence and comfort

One of the main rules to follow when buying underwear is that it is not marked under clothing. This not only applies to the edges, but to the entire garment and its hue. To achieve this, there are seamless and flat designs that can significantly improve the way each of the looks you choose will look for you. And if you are looking for garments that meet these requirements, here we recommend some designs that you can add to your wardrobe.

1. Panties seamless

These panties of Calvin Klein they are made of nylon and elastane, soft microfibers in contact with the skin. Its design includes a seamless cut that adapts to the body.

This garment completely covers the intimate area and stays in place. This allows you to achieve a less marked look and eliminates the possibility of lines being noticed under clothing.

2. Panty with elastic edges

They are high-cut pantyhose made with nylon and elastane, fabrics that combine with flat lace details. It also has a cotton reinforcement that adjusts to the body like a second skin.

The design of this undergarment comes with elastic edges attached at the waist, which give you a higher level of support and they help you erase the seam lines that are marked under clothing.

3. Bralette with adjustable straps

This brand tight bralette Calvin Klein is made of nylon and elastane. Its design incorporates adjustable shoulder straps and a Pull On closure in the back area.

This garment has smooth, seamless edges that allow you to carry it without being marked. In this way nobody will be able to discover what underwear you wear under your outfit.

4. Panty with high waist

Calvin Klein presents a high waist design panties made with the soft cotton and elastane fabrics. It also has a support bracket and rear cover that guarantees a complete reinforcement.

This underwear garment comes with a wide waistband but invisible Under tight clothing, you should only pay attention to the sizes so that you get a fit that does not harm your skin or your aesthetics.

5. Set of lace panties

It is a set of underwear made with lace material in all its extension and designed with soft and breathable edges. The package includes six units with assorted colors.

These garments feature delicate seams that make them invisible under tight pants, dresses, or skirts. In addition, you can get them in four different sizes that guarantee a comfortable fit.