Meet the most popular jobs, which allow you to work whenever you want.

If you are looking for a job that does not require much experience and is easy, here we present 5 jobs to which you could apply quickly. You can even apply online and find out if you are eligible.

1. Food delivery man

There are a number of companies and applications on the market delivery, where you can work as a food delivery man. Companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash Y Grubhub They allow drivers to subscribe to their applications and work as delivery men, when it suits them best. In accordance with Glassdoor, A Grubhub food delivery man earns an average of $ 12 an hour.

The advantages of working as a food delivery:

  • You can make deliveries whenever you want
  • You can use your car, bicycle or motorcycle
  • You choose the time and days that you will work
  • With some companies you can receive your earnings immediately, with direct deposit.

To start working you need:

  • Register in the application
  • Agree to go through a selection and background check process
  • Upload the required documents such as: driver’s license, car insurance, proof of residence, etc. to the platform.
  • Upload your photo to the platform

After you go through the selection process, you can start making deliveries whenever you want.

2. Driver

You can work as a driver with Uber, Lyft, Via Y Juno to earn extra money. These companies allow you to work as a driver whenever you want and for as long as you decide. To work with these companies, the basic requirements that they require are: have a car in good condition, have the minimum age required to drive in your city and have at least one year of driving experience. In addition, you must pass the criminal background check.

To start working as a driver you must:

  • Complete the registration process in the application
  • Send or upload documents to the platform (driver’s license, insurance, proof of residence, etc.)

After your vehicle is inspected and you are informed that you meet the requirements to be part of the company, you can start working. Some of the advantages of working as a driver is the flexibility you have when choosing your work schedule and days.

3. Animal caretaker

If you love animals you can earn money taking care of them. You can apply to companies like Rover or Wag to take care of animals or take walks in the afternoon. As indicated Rover On their website you could earn up to $ 1,000 a month working as a caregiver.

To start working as an animal keeper:

  • You must create a profile on the company’s website
  • Choose what kind of animals you would like to work with

After the company checks your criminal record, you can start working. By working with these companies you can decide the days and hours that you would like to work.

4. Personal assistant

You can work as a personal assistant or help other people make purchases or tasks and earn money. For example, you can work with the company TaskRabbit and helping someone install their television, move or clean their kitchen. This company notifies you through its application of the people who need help to complete a task and you choose the one you want to do. Another company that provides similar jobs is Handy, in which you can work as maintenance personnel.

To start working you must register on their website and pass the criminal background check. Some of these companies require you to attend an informational workshop before starting work. The advantages are that you can choose your schedule and the type of work you want to do.

Some of the jobs you can do are:

  • Cleaning
  • Installation of televisions or electrical appliances
  • Help shop
  • Personal assistant
  • Removals

5. Nanny

If you like children or taking care of people you can consider having a job as a nanny or babysitter. Care Y Sittercity They allow you to find jobs or offers, to take care of children or the elderly, full or part time. For example in There are several people who are looking for a part-time babysitter and offer $ 16 an hour.

To start working as a babysitter or babysitter you must fill out the application and pass the criminal background check. Some companies may require you to attend a workshop or obtain a certification before starting work.