The perfect shoe for summer days.

All flirty girls love to wear flip flops Because these not only give you a touch of elegance, but also stylize your figure, making you look like a princess. It is important for us to feel beautiful and attractive when it comes to going out to eat the world. So this time we are going to show you the 5 jute platform sandals to match any casual look you wear this summer season.

1. Viscata: Ankle strap sandals

These beautiful sandals have been handmade with Spanish talent and have been inspired by the Mediterranean. Made of durable cotton and natural rubber. It has a 2.5-inch wedge with a soft, padded sole and surrounded by ties to tie them at the ankle.

You can use this model with the certainty that you will look beautiful and feel safe when walking. Look radiant with them and raise all eyes.

2. Black sandals with cross ribbons

The model of sandals is high heel and open toe and jute platform. They measure 2.5 inches with an adjustable buckle on the ankle strap.

For being black heeled, these sandals you can use them on a daily basis and they will give you a very elegant look wherever you go.

3. High sandals with wide buckle and patent straps

These sandals are super comfortable and very sophisticated in style. Its original design includes a front zipper and a 1 inch platform with strap and buckle that borders the ankle.

In black color it will give a special elegance to each outfit, but you can also find them in different colors to match your different looks of the day.

4. Platform Sandals in light colors

Made with 100% organic vegan fabric, these sandals are made of high heel with buckle and bandage with ankle straps for better fit on the foot.

This beautiful shoe comes in various presentations like black, pink and blue so you can choose the one that best fits your look.

5. Sandal with bow and buckle closure

This is a model that gives a lightweight silhouette with insole Lightly padded and platform sole that maintains balance in the heel.

The platforms comes with a beautiful loop and buckle strap that gives a delicate touch of elegance to your feet.