A fun way to discover the musical talent of each member of the family.

There are several ways to have fun and gather family to spend a quality moment and one of them is with the Karaoke. Whether at birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas parties or other gatherings there is nothing better way to break the ice than by singing our favorite songs. These types of activities are a guarantee of fun nights and gives you the opportunity to discover some hidden talent. Take a look at the options that we show you here and that you will love to have at home.

1. UHF handheld with wireless system

It is a set with high quality wireless microphones and a frequency receiver with indoor antenna. It can operate up to a range of up to 80 feet and is equipped with echo-like effects that you can easily adjust.

This equipment is completely stable and does not present any type of problems with noise or interferences. You can use it to liven up parties, gatherings, karaoke nights and other celebrations.

2. Team classic home karaoke

It is a karaoke system with speakers and wireless Bluetooth connection that you can connect with any electronic device to synchronize it with your favorite music. Includes a powerful microphoneNine multi-color light modes and three voice effects.

This classic karaoke system provides a professional sound in environments of all kinds so that you can brighten up parties, birthdays and other events. It is a long-lasting equipment and fine finishes.

3. System rechargeable with FM radio

It is a rechargeable karaoke system with FM radio that has a powerful indoor and outdoor Bluetooth speaker. The equipment includes a USB cable, wireless microphone and a remote control. It has a portable design and a long-lasting battery so you can enjoy your favorite songs for hours.

This product offers professional sound with good bass and clearer treble. It is easy to use and it is also a very versatile and practical It syncs with virtually all electronic devices that play music.

4. Device with LCD screen

It is a set with two wireless microphones and a karaoke receiver with LCD screen and double antenna black. It provides high-quality sound and its microphones have sponge filters to effectively reduce background noise.

With this karaoke equipment you can have fun and liven up absolutely all your parties. Its microphones allow you complete freedom of movement, freeing you from cables that can cause accidents or fail.

5. Karaoke system with remote control

It is a karaoke system that is equipped with a remote control, two microphones and a high-end monitor with LED lights. This complete karaoke system also has a reproduction system It allows you to play DVDs, Bluetooth, CD, MP3 and other audio formats.

A high power device with which you can enjoy a quality sound thanks to its latest generation components. You can liven up your family nights and other gatherings with this easy-to-use system.