There are thousands of symbols, images and representations that for many years have been considered to attract the good luck; most of them from the oriental culture. Having them in a visible place in the home, office, or always carrying them with you gives you adequate protection against bad energy and helps you attract fortune, blessings and luck. That is why here we recommend the best good luck keychains that you can always carry with you and make them your personal amulet.

1. Key chain elephant

Metal keychain with the figure of a elephant. It has rhinestones in blue tones and Turkish eyes. It is made of strong and durable material.

The elephant is an amulet of good luck, protection and power. You get this keychain for less than $ 8.

2. Key chain with tassel and mandala

Keychain chrome metal with a graphic printed with the image of an elephant covered in a layer of protective resin. Plus it comes with a black leather tassel.

A keychain chic and feminine for those women who want to have luck on their side at all times. It is resistant to falls and its image does not deteriorate over time.

3. Keychain chakras

Round pendant keychain with 7 glass balls which represent the Chakras and culminates with a pendant from the tree of life.

This keychain will help you stay focused on finding the balance and awareness, includes Amethyst, Clear Crystal, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Carnelian and Red Jasper stones.

4. Key chain Hamsa with Turkish Eye

Hamsa keychain made of zinc alloy and strass. It has a Turkish eye in the center surrounded by shiny rhinestones.

Elegant and eye-catchingYou can not only use it to load your keys, but you can also hang it in your wallet or place it in a visible place in your home.

5. Key chain Hamsa with Amethyst stone

Keychain made of stainless steel with two charms; a Hamsa and an amethyst st

With this keychain simple and minimalist You will be able to attract positive energy and protection at all times. Fits in any pocket and comes in a gift-ready box.