Buying a computer is not cheap, it is rather an investment that must be well taken care of so that we can get the most out of it. Because of this, getting a purse or bag to store the laptop can be a good way to protect it so that it lasts for many years.

If you are looking for large wallets that allow you to comfortably store and transport your computer, you should take into consideration the 5 wallets that I present in this article.

1. Sunny snowy

The carter Sunny snowy It has a very simple, but elegant design. The wallet is made of high quality nylon, synthetic leather and polyester. The wallet fits a 15.6-inch laptop or tablet. The wallet has multiple slide pockets and three compartments so you can store your computer, tablet, and other items. The portfolio has a cost of $ 25.99 and it comes in different colors.


Is wallet or briefcase It is ideal for large computers, as it is very comfortable and resistant. The wallet is ergonomically designed and features an adjustable shoulder strap and optional handle design. Likewise, the wallet has multiple pockets so you can organize all of your computer hardware or materials and has a padded design on both sides of the inside pocket to protect the computer. The portfolio has a cost of $ 27.99 and you can buy it in gray or black.


Wallet LOVEVOOK for the laptop, it looks like a handbag since it is very elegant and feminine. The wallet is large in size and you can store a 15.6 inch laptop in it. Inside you can find several pockets to store iPad, books, documents, etc. The wallet is made of synthetic leather and has metal details. You can buy the LOVEOOK bag for $ 49.80.


Wallet Mosiso Allows you to store laptops up to 15.6 inches. Inside, the wallet has 4 large compartments. The wallet is made of synthetic leather and is very comfortable. You can buy this portfolio from $ 27.99 in gray or purple.

5. Gonex

Bag Gonex It is quite large and made of synthetic leather. The wallet has a very fashionable diamond pattern that makes it look elegant and feminine. Inside, the bag has a padded laptop or tablet compartment to provide additional protection. You can buy this portfolio from $ 29.99 in pink, purple, gray, blue or black.